Juan Carlos Quer asks the Government to keep the permanent prison reviewable

Juan Carlos Quer during the trial for the murder of his daughter.

Juan Carlos Quer during the trial for the murder of his daughter.

Juan Carlos Quer, the father of the 18-year-old girl murdered in August 2016 by ‘El Chicle’, has appealed to the PSOE already United we can, the parties that make up the Coalition government, for what “listen” to the public and do not repeal the reviewable permanent prison because “Spanish citizens don’t want to.”

This is how Juan Carlos Quer expressed himself this Wednesday after the Plenary of the Constitutional Court (TC) has endorsed the reviewable permanent prison after rejecting the unconstitutionality appeals filed by the PSOE against the measure approved in 2015 by the Executive of the Mariano Rajoy.

Speaking to Europa Press, the father of the young Diana Quer has affirmed that the Constitutional endorsement of the constitutionality of the reviewable permanent prison sentence is “one more step that supports the citizen initiative regardless of ideologies“and stressed that” eight out of ten Spaniards understand that this is a necessary law. “” From here, we all win as a society. Win the freedom of our children, win the freedom of women against repeat offenders and murderers, which has already been shown on many occasions that they commit new crimes against the innocent when they are released from prison, “said Quer.

In his opinion, “PSOE and Podemos should have listened to Spanish citizens and should have taken note because, except for Croatia and Portugal, in all the most advanced countries in Europe there are penalties similar to this one.”

Likewise, it considers that the alternative they proposed as a solution to the reviewable permanent prison, which was the full compliance with sentences, “is not a guarantee of reintegration.” “Unfortunately, the murderer of Laura Luelmo, immediately after leaving prison, murdered this girl. He said: ‘do not let me out. I will kill again,'” he said.

For Juan Carlos Quer, there are individuals who cannot be reinserted. “The obligation of society is to provide the means to facilitate reintegration, but when this is not possible and the obligation to reinsert is the inmate, for the safety of all citizens, it seems reasonable regardless of ideologies, that we prevent rapists and murderers repeat offenders put new innocent lives at risk, “he stressed.

After the ruling of the High Court, Juan Carlos Quer says he feels “serenity” and “satisfaction because this law will save lives preventing this type of individuals from being unduly released if they are not really rehabilitated. “” Simply, make an appeal to the PSOE, Podemos, the other progressive forces and that is to listen to the citizens. The permanent revisable prison cannot be repealed because Spanish citizens do not want it repealed because it is a necessary law, “he insisted, while adding that it will save lives, which is” the only consolation “that remains as a father afterwards. of the “tragic end” of his daughter.

In this sense, he believes that “with this ruling, with this resolution and the endorsements of the Supreme court to the twenty convicted of terrible crimes that we already carry, they will serve as a lesson to rectify that position, which only relies on ideological motivations and has nothing to do with citizens. ”

Asked if the TC ruling has been delayed longer than it should, Diana Quer’s father replied: “Six years have passed. I have not been able to sleep many nights. The conviction for this individual (‘El Chicle’), which the Supreme Court ratified, and the doubt that it could be revoked made me uncomfortable. ”

Quer has said that “from now on we must take steps forward” and recalled that “Marta del Castillo’s father continues to search for the body of his daughter and that his murderers will be released without revealing the situation” of the same. Thus, he has stated that the next “fight” is to ensure that this assumption of kidnapping and subsequent murder without revealing the location of the body is subject to a prison sentence.


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