July 25, 2021

Juan Carlos I withdrew five million euros from the Swiss account in the months prior to its closure

The king emeritus withdrew a total of five million euros from the account in the name of the Lucum Foundation at the Swiss bank Mirabaud during the months prior to its closure, as El Confidencial revealed this Wednesday. Between January 1 and June 11, 2012, Juan Carlos I took 4,912,870 euros in total, according to a five-page report signed by the monarch himself.

Financial transparency, ethics and honesty: the speeches of Juan Carlos I while withdrawing 100,000 euros a month from Switzerland

Financial transparency, ethics and honesty: the speeches of Juan Carlos I while withdrawing 100,000 euros a month from Switzerland

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In that Mirabaud document, which is being investigated by the Canton of Geneva Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office in Spain, the balance to which the deposit amounted to June 11, 2012 appears: 66,265,293 euros, of which 10,602. 991 euros were invested in stocks and funds. Its profitability in those six months was 2.14%, but in other years it had been higher: in 2009, investments generated a profitability of 7.71%. During the previous years, the King Emeritus would also have introduced money from the account into Spain through Dante Canonica: the lawyer collected the money Juan Carlos I needed from the bank and went to Madrid with him, passing through the controls of the Barajas Airport on regular flights. The account had to be closed after the Botswana scandal in April 2012, according to bank officials told the prosecutor, to which is added a tightening of Swiss law.

In addition, on Wednesday new audios of the conversation between Corinna Larsen, the king’s ex-lover, and Commissioner Villarejo during a dinner between the two in October 2016 have been released. In the recording, Posted by OKDIARIO And done without Larsen’s consent, the German businesswoman portrays Juan Carlos I as an obsessed person with “gold, diamonds, watches” who “has more money than he can spend”. “One day I made a joke of him and told him you are like [Nicolae] Ceaucescu. He was very angry with me, “assures Villarejo.

In another recording of the same dinner in 2016, known this Tuesday, Larsen assures that Juan Carlos I “every time he travels to the Middle East returns with money” and has “a machine to count bills” in Zarzuela. The way to proceed, according to the story of the German businesswoman, is through the Torrejón de Ardoz base: “They enter the plane. They check the suitcases … You have to explain [Juan Carlos I] where he gets five million every time he goes to Formula 1 to Bahrain or Abu Dhabi. The way he has done this has been the easiest: travel on diplomatic protection, take the money and go home. It does so. ”

Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa investigates Arturo Fasana, Dante Canonica, Corinna Larsen and Banca Mirabaud as a legal person for aggravated money laundering. Bertossa believes that the 65 million euros (100 million dollars then) are a commission from the Arab country to Juan Carlos I for having mediated with the consortium of Spanish companies, making the offer of the AVE to Mecca drop by 30%. The money ended up in the hands of the king’s ex-lover, who assured the prosecutor that he has always thought it was a gift from the monarch to try to recover it.

In Spain, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court has taken up the investigation that Anticorruption was leading on the alleged collection of commissions for the award in 2011 of the AVE to Mecca (Saudi Arabia) when verifying that the emeritus king, who is taxed and whose Inviolability until he ceased to be king in 2014 prevents him from being investigated for events that occurred during his term, although they did later.


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