Juan Carlos I used a Panama shell company to transfer two million to Corinna and buy two luxury apartments in Switzerland

Juan Carlos I used a shell company, based in Panama, to transfer two million euros to his ex-Corinna Larsen, in order to buy two luxury apartments in the Swiss Alps, according to reports The world.

All the protagonists of the case of the fortune of Juan Carlos I in Switzerland

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The king emeritus, through his alleged figurehead Dante Canonica, carried out the operation with Siam Partners SA and Calden Overseas INC, two Panamanian companies registered one month before the first payment of 1.7 million euros was made to Corinna in 2009 .

The operation would have been carried out as follows: through Calden Overseas, the King Emeritus made two transfers of funds to the Siam Partners company, to acquire 50% of two apartments at the Villars-sur-Ollon station. The other half of the operation was financed by Larsen thanks to the sale of the shares of the holding company of his previous home. Both Siam Partners SA and Calden Overseas were dissolved in 2013.

The German businesswoman declared before the Geneva prosecutor Yves Bertossa that she constituted Siam Partners to get the loan from the King Emeritus, but later returned the money.

According to Larsen's version, as the property she owned in Villars was "too small to accommodate" the king, who "frequented Villar much more often", they decided to buy two other apartments in the same town.

Canonical, presumed figurehead of Juan Carlos

Canonical would also be involved in the financial movements that Juan Carlos I would have made with Saudi money -operations that have led the emeritus to be investigated by the Supreme Court Prosecutor's Office. The alleged figurehead stated before the prosecutor Bertossa that the then Spanish head of state ordered in La Zarzuela "to create a structure" to hide Saudi money in Switzerland.

The lawyer is a collaborator of the also alleged figurehead Arturo Fasana. Canonical and Fasana, both investigated, appear as president and secretary of the Lucum Foundation, designated as the entity that allegedly received the 100 million dollars that the Saudi king donated to the Spanish monarch.

Prosecutor Bertossa believes that the 65 million euros that were transferred from Lucum's account to another of Corinna Larssen in 2012 come from the 100 million that Juan Carlos I received a commission for the construction of the AVE to Mecca in 2008, according to the Swiss newspaper Tribuna de Ginebra.

According to this newspaper, Juan Carlos spent a few years withdrawing money from that account until he closed it in 2012 when Switzerland tightened its anti-money laundering laws and he distributed the money that remained in it between two of his ex-partners: 65 million for Corinna Larsen and two million for Marta Gay√°.


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