Juan Antonio Canta and the curse of the half lemon

Of winning and losing

There is a quote from Juan Antonio in his documentary he says “Some battles are won, others are lost. But what happens when you lose what you win? ” That was exactly what happened to Juan Antonio. That genius who came from Córdoba to Madrid to eat the world, had finally succeeded. Succeed with your music. The lemons thing had become a national hit. The song of the summer. It appeared in almost all the Telecinco programs. He recorded versions, videos, gave interviews … and there he began to notice that things were not going the way he would have liked.

The interviews in the newspapers contradicted each other. In one of them he anticipated that, after the dance of the lemons and the rap of the lemons, there would be some sevillanas of the lemons. But in others he already warned: “One day I was on TV and an avalanche came over me. I see myself and I feel sorry for myself, because I am something more than the man with a thousand lemons ”. He wanted to show all his talent, but at concerts they only asked him for the lemons.

“I see myself and I feel sorry, because I am something more than the man with a thousand lemons”

Autumn accentuates the depressions. Gone was the song of the summer, the one that was heard in the 40 Principales (the station of the songs for the subnormal, which he sang years ago). Juan Antonio Sings, his most personal project, had become a mass phenomenon, but also in everything he detested.

In an interview on Canal Sur, in September, He previously demanded that they not tell him about that song. In that conversation he said a phrase that hinted at his boredom and his change of priorities: “It doesn’t matter if you lose or if you win. The important thing is not to lose the desire ”.

The desire was definitely lost in December. A few weeks before, he had been, somehow, saying goodbye to his closest friends, even if they didn’t know it. He returned to Córdoba. “We said to play again, even to remount Psychiatric ward. He was wanting and we were preparing the storage room of his house to get together again “remember the drummer Fernando Alcantara.

To his agent, the Argentine Morgan britoHe called him to propose that he stay in Madrid when he returned to the capital. Already Martyrdom, an artist whom he always admired, wrote him an emotional letter after a concert he attended as an audience. Own Martyrdom read it at a later concert, after the death of Juan Antonio.

It happened on a Sunday. At noon, the Cordovan Local Police received a notice: the mother of Juan Antonio Castillo, PatuchasHe had found the body of his son hanged in that same storage room in which he was planning to play again.

There is some consensus in pointing out that unexpected success as the trigger for the singer’s crisis. But some like the drummer, Fernando Alcantara, they still think that Juan Antonio he did not kill himself for that. “It is something else. It is a very great depression that if it had been caught in time it could have been saved. He was happy to be able to play for people ”.

Others understand the limit to which Patuchas reached. It is the case of Lychees (singer and founder of the group The Mechanical Goat), which years after his death he made the album of Juan Antonio solo and was dazzled.

He covered several of his songs. He talks to this newspaper saying that he found himself in a similar situation of overwhelm: “It happened to me when I composed the song ‘Don’t call me deluded’, to announce the coupon of the ELEVEN. There was a time when people only asked me that topic. I fell into depression and in the end I had to cut through all of that. ”

The family of Juan AntonioYears later, he still does not want to speak. It is too much pain and too many memories. The thousands of songs that he composed Juan Antonio, one a day, they are still in the drawers of the room where he grew up wanting to be a rock star. That battle he lost after winning it.

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