April 10, 2021

Joventut devours Baskonia in the Copa del Rey

Joventut devours Baskonia in the Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey is for a guy to score you 36 points, his coach will change him in the absence of half a minute and the whole pavilion, yes the whole pavilion, including the followers of Baskonia, stand up and I gave him the ovation of what goes of the tournament. The person responsible for Joventut returning four years later to the semifinal copera is Nico Laprovittola. The Argentine base offered a recital of those that are not seen on this side of the pond. His control of the match and his numbers were a real scandal. He did what he wanted: 36 points, 7 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 steals, 2 blocks, 9 fouls received and 50, yes 50! of valuation. As if I was playing against children. The Penya took a joy as it had been a long time since she had lived. A club that was on the verge of disappearing just a year ago has returned among the best catapulted by the savagery of Laprovittola.

The Joventut starred a great game. His were the best nine minutes in attack so far of the tournament. The offensive fluidity resulted in a maximum difference of 16 points (13-29) before the end of the first quarter. It is appreciated to see Penya recovered for elite basketball. In Badalona they have overcome a critical situation, which was about to liquidate the team and four years later they returned to the Cup. They honored their brightest past in a big way. For a few minutes they looked like the Warriors of Badalona. Carles Duran has a quintet capable of competing with anyone and Nico Laprovittola is his commander in chief. The Argentinian is a blessing for the dark green, yes verdinegros despite his horrific shirt yesterday. His connection with Marko Todorovic is the spring that generates almost all the game of the Catalans. The Baskonia did not know where he was in the whole first room.

It was a perfect storm the Joventut out. The statistics reflected reality as few times. Three errors in the shot in the whole room: 8/10 in shots of two; 4/5 in triples and 1/1 in free throws. If the Vitorians arrived alive it was thanks to the success of Janning from the perimeter.

Everything changed when the rotations began. Without their referents, without Laprovittola or Todorovic, all the seams can be seen at Joventut. As Perasovic put together a very athletic team, the game changed direction. He did it in a radical way. In less than ten minutes, the Baskonia accumulated a favorable partial of 21-4. Enough to put ahead for the first time, 34-33. But the Penya resisted the first stake and came ahead of the break (42-45).

In the third quarter the tendency that marked the match was sharpened. It was a Laprovittola against all the Baskonia. The Argentine base kept chewing gum and doing what he felt like on the track. Impossible triples, slow-motion baskets, assists … His recital was translated in 14 points in this room and the Penya kept sending because the Baskonia put antidotes, but they did not end up being. Hilliard, Janning and Poirier were not enough.

When Laprovittola found some help, the Joventut started to believe it. There was 1:30 truce for Laprovittola. Enough to recharge energies and to avoid the last Baskonist attempt. With 80-83 and 5:30 in front, the Argentine returned to watch the game in front. Led a partial 0-8 that settled the Baskonia.

89. Kirolbet Baskonia (16 + 26 + 26 + 21): Vildoza (16), Janning (18), Shields (4), Voigtmann (6) and Poirier (15) -quintet holder- Huertas (8), Diop (0) ), Jones (12) and Hilliard (10.).

98. Divina Seguros Joventut (29 + 16 + 28 + 25): Laprovittola (36), López-Arostegui (7), Ventura (0), Harangody (15) and Todorovic (15) -quintet holder- Morgan (10), Delia (4), Mathias (4), Dimitrijevic (4) and Nogues (1).

Referees: Trujillo, Peruga and Caballero. Eliminated Todorovic and Hilliard.

Incidents: 8,000 spectators in the WiZink Center. Third match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey.


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