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Journey to the nucleus of the will | sports

Journey to the nucleus of the will | sports

Sport is one of the ecosystems in which life rescues values ​​such as effort and determination with greater frequency and efficiency. In search of the springs that invigorate the human being, José Luis Llorente Gento, Joe Llorente, accompanied by Pilar Jericó and Jesús Vega, presents in Vitamin X (Enienta Editorial) an energy and motivational guide to build purposes and regenerate strengths. A disquisition that agitates endorphins and enters the core of the will in search of stimuli and resilience.

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Stirred through 10 chapters that range from the importance of food and rest to the aspirational needs of the individual, the book supports the long journey in search of the best version of oneself, exploring the mundane part of the idols to develop the epic nucleus of the civilian heroes. Hard or exciting career as you face. "Trust is the door of daring and, as a result, the path open to freedom." "This afternoon I will be an Olympic champion," Fermín Cacho proclaimed without qualms on August 8, 1992, the day he slipped into Olympus ahead of El Basir and Suleiman.

How the romance of the young Marc Gasol with the hamburgers evolved towards a radical change of habits that forged a competitive beast that now sows and collects the sustenance of a diet that made him lose more than 30 kilos; how Messi dodged the muscular injuries escaping the chocolate, the alfajores, the soft drinks and the sweetened concoctions that bent the star to make him vomit in the band. The body as a laboratory of chemical reactions and feeding as a physical and neuronal fuel.

A journey in body and soul that connects Plato and Aristotle with Steve Jobs and Garri Kasparov, luminous minds inducing the universal movement. The ineffable chess master prepared in La Manga one of his mythical duels with Anatoli Karpov swimming for several hours in the four Olympic styles, with Spartan abnegation. "As there is no favorable ground to run, I swim," he explained. Preparation of elite sportsman for his mental resistance combat. Movement as energy, fuel and emotion. Ulysses, Don Quixote and Jules Verne, travel stories, initiatory, introspective and expansive that enrich the collective imagination to stimulate the trivial and abandon the softness. The adventure of living promoted abstract and concrete referents.

The power of the approach to channel talent, passion and obsession. The Michael Jordan model as a decalogue of ambitious excellence. An eternal revenge against the limits since the illustrious coach Cliff Pop Herring discarded him for the team of the institute. The rejection as fire and engine of a non-negotiable determination towards the legend of the best sportsman in history. The adrenaline of leaving an indelible mark, humility as the basis of nonconformity. Scraps of a manual "to eat the world." Vitamin reinforcements to embrace optimism and polish the best of each one with the example of the best.

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