July 12, 2020

Journal of the pandemic. Sunday, June 28. Headlines

The first day without deaths in the Community of Madrid due to the coronavirus has reached the end of the first full week without confinement in Spain, which has ended with 1,915 new infections confirmed in the last seven days and all the attention directed towards outbreaks.

And it has coincided with a new iconic celebration on balconies and social networks, that of LGBTI Pride Day, with social networks, official buildings and facades full of colored flags and lights to celebrate, even if from home and virtually, and claim equality, diversity and sexual freedom.

On the health front, monitoring and isolating new cases of contagion has become the main objective in the fight against the pandemic after a progressive reduction in deaths from the disease, which has led to two deaths in the last 24 hours. -13 in the last week and 28,343 since the start of the crisis.

These are the main headlines of the day:

– Madrid records its first day without deaths from COVID-19.

– New infections rise 2.7% in the first week without alarm status.

– 48 new cases notified in Aragon, with two admissions to the plant.

– Seven new cases of the largest outbreak in Murcia force the closure of a company.

– Pride floods networks, balconies and official buildings.

– Collective layoffs fall until April while ERTEs multiply by 36.

– Sun cream under the mask and caution with hydrogels this summer.

– Catalan nursing homes will carry out daily checks of COVID.


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