September 24, 2020

Jota Mayúscula, rap pioneer in Spain, dies – La Provincia

Jota Mayúscula, producer, DJ and key figure of rap and hip-hop culture in Spain, has died on the night from Thursday to Friday. The death has been confirmed on Twitter by Radio 3, the RTVE station, where the artist has hosted ‘El Rimadero’ since 1998, the benchmark program on current rap in Spanish.

Jesús Bibang González was one of the pioneers of rap in Spanish forming in the early nineties together with Supernafamacho, El Meswy, Kamikaze, Mr. Rango, Paco King and Frank-T the group El Club de los Poetas Violentos (CPV) that in 1994 published ‘Madrid, zona bruta’, a reference album in the beginnings of hip-hop in Spain and that gave name to the record company with which he published his following works.

In 1997 CPV released their second LP, ‘The saga continues 24/7’ and in 1998 their third album, ‘Grandes planes’. After the separation of the group, and already converted into the producer and DJ of rap reference in Spain, the four solo albums of Jota Mayúscula arrived: ‘Hombre negro soltero searches’ (2000), ‘Una vida xtra’ (2004), ‘Camaleón’ (2006) and ‘Champion Sound – More Graves’ (2008), in which great collaborators figures from the Spanish scene such as Kase.0, Mala Rodríguez, El Langui, Mucho Muchacho, Morodo, Elphomega and, of course, his former colleagues at CPV.

Fourteen years after the publication of their last studio album, Jota Mayúscula and the rest of the Club de los Poetas Violentos returned in May 2012 with ‘Siempre’, their last album published by Boa Music.


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