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'Jota' Hombrados, from the goal to eternity

‘Jota’ Hombrados, de la portería a la eternidad

Grandfather "they call him some. Technically, it is not yet, but its 47 years - meets them tomorrow - make the incombustible José Javier Hombrados (Madrid, 1972), Jot for everyone from handball, the oldest player and the oldest player in the Asobal -27 courses, 710 games- and the Copa del Rey. He has been a professional for 29 years, since he debuted in 1990 precisely in Alacant. In fact -he remembers- "it was here, in the Pitiu Rochel, where I played my first minutes, against Helados Alacant; we won a lot, of 13, that's why they let me play ... ", he released with a setback before facing his debut, hello and goodbye, in the 2019 Cup. His team, the Guadalajara, fell before the Logroño (33-26).

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Handball for charging batteries

"The competition, training, is like a doping that I need; but I have little left, one more year "

He will not have been 24 hours with his team. Arrived by train to Alacant on Thursday night from Madrid, and to the capital yesterday returned back to work and family obligations. A busy life of Jota, the goalkeeper-manager, combining the competition and training with the Guadalajara, his position as president of the Madrid Handball Federation, his work as institutional sports director of the SEK group (schools and Camilo José Cela University) and the direction of a Master's Degree in Representation of Artists and Athletes. When do you make time for your wife and three children? How can you combine sports elite and such a varied professional portfolio?

-I make an appointment ... During the week it's complicated. At home we take it as something that will last a short time. Four years ago I said to Natalia, my wife: 'I play one more year and then I'm retired'. And he says: 'Well, what? We've been like this for four years now ... 'There's little time left. If I renew one more year, how much more do I have left? -Exposes.

Hombrados, recently having breakfast at the hotel of concentration of the 8 teams of the Cup, with a clear mind, throws a reflection in his meeting with La Vanguardia: "The next one could be my last year playing. I'm going to make the effort to go a little compressed with the agenda for another year, which goes by quickly, and that's it, "he explains, as if it were something essential, that he can not leave: a drug. Exactly that.

-The handball is what gives me life. It's a bit of a vice, it's passion, it's been everything in my life. The competition, the trainings, are like a doping that I need. For me, it's like charging the batteries - Jota argues, who in his long journey has gone through 10 teams from three countries, with which he has won 37 titles (including 5 Champions and 7 Asobal Leagues). The last trophy that he lifted, precisely, was the Copa del Rey 2013, the last domestic title that Barça did not conquer.

- Being in a more humble team like Guadalajara allows me to have another kind of life. It is not the same as when I was in teams that played Champions (Ciudad Real, Madrid), and it was obviously incompatible. Now, for me it is a luxury to be able to continue doing both, competition and work. I see it as a prize to be able to continue playing handball, "says the goalkeeper, who, faithful to the" year after year ", plans to take one more course. "I have won, another thing is that the club project is appropriate and we agree". He sees himself with the 48 playing, "like my partner Diego Moyano, who is in Antequera with 48".

And in Guadalajara, happy to have you. Says César Montes, his coach, that "Jota is a motivation for everyone, every day he trains demonstrates his passion for this sport, is in full conditions and is very competitive; He is the first to get mad when you lose. It is an example for all. I hope he continues many years for the good of handball and Guadalajara. "

But a veteran of 47 years should not start giving way to young people? Jota shrugs. Disagree "It's not a question of plugging or not, it's a natural law: young people have to impose themselves and show that they pass over you. Clubs trust young people based on their talent; I'm looking forward to this happening, for the young people to separate me. I encourage you to do so, "says the Madrid native, whose goalkeeping teammates Carlos Donderis (26) and Adrián Eceolaza (23) could be his children.

- At home they are a little tired of watching me play. I'll leave it the day I do not have any motivation ... - start imagining your goodbye.

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