May 18, 2021

Josetxo, winner of 'MasterChef Junior' 6 | TV

Josetxo, winner of 'MasterChef Junior' 6 | TV

Josetxo Pérez, 11, has proclaimed himself sixth winner of MasterChef Junior After winning the final duel Pachu, 10 years. In this way, and in addition to the trophy that credits him as the winner, he has won 12,000 euros for his training and a four-day cooking course taught by the Basque Culinary Center. Josetxo joins the list of winners of the children's version of the program, composed of Mario, Manuel, María, Paula and Esther, winners in the previous installments.

The young Madrid has imposed on Pachu in a final test in which he had to prepare a complete menu consisting of starter, first course and dessert. As a starter he cooked a ceviche of carabineros and barnacles. The main course was hake cooked at low temperature with emulsion of olives and spherification of black garlic. And the dessert consisted of coconut ice cream, raspberry couscous, chocolate sponge cake and mint air. The chef Jordi Cruz, member of the jury of the program, has described his proposal as the most technical and creative of the two presented.

Paula, Candela, Pachu and Josetxo were the aspirants who arrived at the final program of the sixth edition of La 1. The first duelist of the night, Pachu, was selected in the first challenge, in which the children had to reproduce a plate of Angel León (three Michelin stars) following the steps set by the chef. To do this, the young chefs learned about some of the basic ingredients they used in the Roman diet, which they had to incorporate into cooking. In addition, to carry out this hard challenge they received messages of encouragement from their family and loved ones.

The second duelist, Josetxo, decided on a new test in which the children took control of the kitchen of the Diverxo restaurant, in Madrid, of the chef Dabiz Muñoz, who designed a menu consisting of oysters with jalapeño gazpacho, calamari sandwich dumpling, red shrimp suckling and shrimp omelette, nikkei stripe cutlet with corn puree, grilled lamb shank with thai basil and, for dessert , violets with toasted sesame and tonka bean ice cream. Each finalist was responsible for two dishes that served the contestants of MasterChef Celebrity 3.

Finally, surrounded by their family and friends editing, the two duelists had to demonstrate their talent before the kitchen in the final test, for which they had 120 minutes to prepare two dishes of a free menu consisting of starter, main course and dessert . Chef Joan Roca (three Michelin stars) helped the jury decide the verdict.

A total of 2,031,000 spectators followed the semifinal of MasterChef, that left finalists to Paula, Candela, Josetxo and Pachu. Jaime, Ferrán and Evelyn said goodbye to the kitchen in a program that saw almost 6 million viewers at some point in the broadcast. This has also been the last edition of Eva González as presenter of the format, after which will sign for The voice (Antenna 3). The next installment of MasterChef He will not have a presenter.


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