Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Josep Pedrerol is surprised for his birthday live

Emotional surprise the one that received Josep Pedrerol upon entering the set of
from LaSexta just before connecting live. And yesterday was the birthday of the presenter who turned 54 at his best professional moment. Remember that in addition to the space of the second chain of Atresmedia, it also presents every morning The beach bar in Mega.

"But what is this?", Released the Catalan when he ran into several details by all his team. In fact, we could see Pedrerol between shame, blushing and excited at such signs of affection. “What a shame!”, He came to release to remove iron.

Josep Pedrerol is surprised for his birthday live

Josep Pedrerol is surprised for his birthday live

As every day, Josep Pedrerol arrived at the set of Jugglers of LaSexta with the papers in his hand and ready to tell the last hour of the sport today. However, moments before the program partners wanted to pay a small tribute. It was his birthday and in the big pantallón that is behind the journalist's back, you could see a “happy birthday” (happy birthday) with some candles while playing the famous song of Parcheesi.

"But what is this?" He asked in amazement as he placed the microphone. "Really … take this off please," he asked ashamed. “Come on, I'm late for the mention. This is very strong, my mother. What a shame!”, He settled between laughter and thanking the gesture to his companions. "Hey thanks? Thank you".

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