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José Tomás, tourist revulsion beyond the ring

José Tomás, tourist revulsion beyond the ring

The return to the ring of José Tomás in the Corpus Fair of Granada on June 22 will be a tourist revulsive for this Andalusian capital, where the presence of the right-handed could mobilize more than 13 million euros.

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This is at least the estimate made by businessman José María Garzón, who runs Lances de Futuro and manages the bullring in Granada, and who hopes to repeat the success he already had in the arena of Algeciras (Cádiz) where the master of Galapagar (Madrid) revolutionized the box office.

Then, tickets were sold in just ten hours, a good pace that has been maintained this week in Granada, where since 12,000 tickets were put on sale to see José Tomás, with queues from early morning until They opened the lockers.

Although it is difficult to quantify exactly what economic and tourist impact will have the return of a figure of that level, the employer estimates that the impact of José Tomás in Granada will be around 13 or 14 million euros.

The right-hander attracts fans from very different countries, who are able to cross half the world to see it in the ring, said Garzon, who added that the attractiveness of Granada as a destination and the Alhambra as the Most visited monument in Spain.

"It is an honor to have a bullfighting figure like that, I am very happy and happy, people are also because this man is a mass idol," said the manager of the Plaza Granada, who has stressed that they are already making many reservations in hotels and restaurants for the days of the Corpus Fair.

For his part, Gregorio García, president of the Federation of Hospitality and Tourism, has explained to Efe that, although it is too early to advance an assessment of the economic impact that José Tomás will have in Granada, that the bullfighter has chosen this city is "something very positive and very good" for the sector.

"It is early, but there is already movement and reservation for hotels and restaurants," said the head of the tourism employers, who acknowledges that the expectation is "very high" and that they hope to even improve the success of the previous visit to Granada.

The return to the ring of José Tomás will be this year the great attraction of the Corpus Fair of Granada, which will be held from June 20 to 23 next.

The fair, which will consist of three bullfights and a novillada with picadores, will also include bullfighters such as José Antonio Morante de la Puebla or Julián López, el Juli.

José Tomás will fight on June 22 in a mixed race with the rejoneador Sergio Galán, with cattle of Núñez del Cuvillo and Benítez Cubero, these are blunt for rejones.

Also, bullfighters such as David Fandila from Granada, Fandi will participate in the fair; the youngsters José Garrido and Pablo Aguado and the Peruvian Joaquín Galdós.

The bullfighter Galapagar reappear in the ring after a year, exactly from the afternoon of June 29, 2018 when he made the paseíllo in La Linea de la Concepción (Cádiz).


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