José Pinto dies, ex-competitor of Los Lobos in 'Boom' | TV

José Pinto dies, ex-competitor of Los Lobos in 'Boom' | TV

José Pinto, former member of the team The Wolves who participates in the contest Boom! of Antenna 3 He has died at 57 suddenly this Wednesday at his home in Salamanca. Pinto competed with his three classmates during 373 programs until December of 2018 decided to leave for personal reasons. Pinto was also a contestant To know and to win (The 2), where was readmitted after the contest assumed to have made an error in a statement.

When Pinto left Boom!, his partner Manu Zapata hastened to reassure On twitter to the followers of the contest. "It is not serious, since you have asked several, it is hard and difficult to say goodbye to a partner after 19 months of fatigue, thanks for everything shared, we Los Lobos will miss you very much," he wrote. With his departure, José Pinto took the proportional part that corresponds to the money accumulated by the team, a part of which was already delivered a few months ago.

The Wolves, with José Pinto, Valentín Ferrero, Manuel Zapata, Erundino Alonso and now Alberto Sanfrutos, are the contestants with the most consecutive victories in a television contest, as recognized by the Guinness.

Pinto was replaced by Alberto Sanfrutos in the contest. The new member of Los Lobos will also be known to fans of television competitions: this retired teacher from Úbeda (Jaén) shares his past with his classmates in the contest To know and to win of La 2. Sanfrutos participated in the first season of the program presented by Jordi Hurtado, in 1997, where it was held for 75 programs. In the special for the 18th anniversary of To know and to win He returned as one of the most outstanding contestants in the history of the program.

Pinto left the program after a grueling routine. The ex-contestant from Boom had his home in Casillas de Flores (Salamanca) and had to travel to record the contest two days a week (four programs each day). "Between travel and recording days I do 40 hours, that is, the weekly workday, and when I arrive in my town I continue to work because I have to take care of the cows, leave the work done ... It's a bit of beating and fatigue, but the illusion of the program makes up for everything, "he told EL PAÍS in October 2018. The farmer had been appointed Mayor Crier of the edition of the Carnival of the Bull 2019 whose proclamation would take place on the night of this Friday, March 1, in the New Theater of Ciudad Rodrigo, according to Antena 3.


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