Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

José Mourinho, new presenter of Russian television

Mourinho, nuevo presentador de la televisión rusa

From football commentator for the BeIn Sports channel to presenter of the Russian state chain RT. This will be the new job that Jose Mourinho will soon exercise on its own Program of TV. It seems that the Portuguese has found a niche market on the small screen after his dismissal of Manchester United.

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It has been the public entity of Russian television who has announced the news. Even, have already advanced what will be the name of the program of the Portuguese coach. As of March 7,
From the band with José Mourinho
will cover the Champions analyzing each of their parties.

'From the band with José Mourinho', new program of the trainer in the Russian chain RT

'From the band with José Mourinho', new program of the trainer in the Russian chain RT

In the promotional video that RT is already broadcasting, José Mourinho appears in an ice hockey game and at a certain moment, he says: "Everyone wonders what I'm going to do next. On the one hand, they talk about different clubs ... But I wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective. I usually surprise people and I thought, why not give it the green light? "

Although the announcement could dislodge the spectators, the new work of Mourinho has nothing to do with the sport. "I'm going to talk about soccer in RT. What did you think I was going to do? ", concludes in the promotional video. Remember that this is not the first time that the coach works on television. He has done it as a commentator, but now try his luck as a presenter.

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