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José María one step away from being accused of rape

Two years after the events – an assumption “sexual abuse with penetration" in
GH Revolution
– and following the complaint of the contestant Carlota Prado to your couple José María López, the judge of Colmenar Viejo who instructs the case has terminated the instruction. In the car, the magistrate sees signs of sexual abuse and considers that he was conscious while she was drunk. The video provided by the organization of Big Brother It has been key.

According to the judicial brief, José María made movements under the quilt “that apparently could consist of insights” and therefore, could face a crime of sexual abuse punishable by one to three years in prison. The former contestant's lawyer maintains his innocence, but the judge sees contradictions in the investigated.

Carlota and José María in 'GH Revolution

Carlota and José María in 'GH Revolution'

As we have already advanced from The vanguardCarlota denounced José María two years ago after those responsible for Big Brother They informed him of what happened. Since then, Malaga has lived a hell mainly because of the slowness of justice. Two months ago he complained about not having a trial date and face "a rain of threats, insults and harassment" for not remembering what happened that night. The contestant refers to suffering "an ethyl coma" and that he lost "consciousness" and since then, his "life changed forever."

Now the magistrate, who finished the instruction last December, is waiting for the parties accuse José María López before sending him to the bench for sexual abuse to be judged and determine if he is innocent or guilty.

There are indications that the appellant's conduct could constitute a crime of sexual abuse ”

The defendant's defense appealed the brief, but the Provincial Court of Madrid ratified the decision on July 25. The judge considered that "there are indications that the appellant's conduct could constitute a crime of sexual abuse." As the car details, Carlota was lying down "barely moving, face up, with eyes closed since he got into bed," when José María López made movements under the quilt "that apparently could consist of penetrations".

While Carlota was completely drunk, José María was aware. The images show “an internal manipulation in which José María could be removing Carlota's pants and panties”. "This communicated, with hardly any force, the phrase ‘I can't’He pulled one of his arms from the comforter and dropped it against the wall. He also removed the upper part with difficulty and took out a hand, positioning it vertically and straight towards José María, in which he could tell him to stop his action, which could consist of touching his body based on the appreciated oscillations ”, writes the judge.

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Throughout the writing, the alleged sexual abuse with penetration of José María towards Carlota is detailed: “displacements were again caused by Jose María who they drove Carlota up and down, without ‘motu proprio’ being reacted before such stimulus; which could consist, according to the position of José María and his most agitated breathing, in penetrations ”.

Such acts ended when the GH Revolution Super ordered them "to put the microphones well and Carlota to go to the confessional." Immediately, Carlota commented to vomit and "barely moved from the bed." Now, José María could be accused of sexual abuse “without violence or intimidation and without consent, I will perform acts that threaten the liberty or sexual indemnity of another person ”with a deprivation of liberty of one to three years.

José María and Carlota, contestants of 'GH Revolution

José María and Carlota, contestants of 'GH Revolution'

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