June 13, 2021

José Manuel Franco, leader of the PSOE of Madrid, resigns due to the 4M hit

The general secretary of the PSOE in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, has resigned. The resignation of the leader of the Madrid Socialists comes two days after the 4M electoral debacle in which the party has obtained its worst electoral result that has relegated it to third position in the Community of Madrid. “Someone has to assume responsibility to maintain the dignity of this party,” Franco assures in statements to this newsroom. However, the Madrid leader considers that the catastrophe cannot be attributed to the Madrid PSOE exclusively since the electoral campaign was directed by Pedro Sánchez’s team in Moncloa.

The hecatomb in Madrid opens a new war in the PSOE with Gabilondo and Franco in the trigger

The hecatomb in Madrid opens a new war in the PSOE with Gabilondo and Franco in the trigger

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Franco has communicated his decision to the president this Thursday, although he denies having received pressure. The leader of the Madrid Socialists, who is Secretary of State for Sports, was not at the meeting on Wednesday in which Sánchez analyzed the 4M electoral hit with his closest team of party collaborators, including the Secretary of Organization, José Luis Ábalos, and the person in charge of Territorial Coordination, Santos Cerdán. “The secretary general of the PSOE-M, José Manuel Franco, has resigned from his post with immediate effect, after assuming responsibility for the terrible electoral result on May 4. The departure of the head of the Madrid Socialists also means that no use the bad result in the elections of the Community of Madrid to attack the Socialist Party and the Government of Spain, “the organization later said in a statement.

In the socialist ranks there were a cry for the need to take responsibility and launch a quick message to the citizens in the face of the defeat of the early elections and with an eye on the ordinary elections of 2023. Ábalos himself pointed in that direction on election night by pointing to the need for a “renewal” in the organization that indicated. The PSOE opened the exit door to Ángel Gabilondo. The regional leadership considered that this legislature should not be the spokesperson, but the candidate’s press team hastened to make it clear that he will collect his deputy certificate.

With these wickers, a good part of the members of the Executive of the PSOE of Madrid raised on Wednesday the need to bring forward the regional congress scheduled for the fall or for a manager to take charge of the process until then. Neither Ferraz nor the general secretary of the Madrid Socialists saw that option on Wednesday afternoon since there are only about seven months left for the replacement to take place.

“The Regional Executive of the PSOE-M has agreed, in its meeting today, to begin working to achieve an orderly transition in the next Regional Congress to be held at the end of the year. In the telematic meeting, the need has been emphasized to carry out a deep analysis, after the terrible results in the elections to the Community of Madrid, on May 4, “read the statement issued by the organization after that meeting in which he was also placed in the trigger at the most responsible for the PSOE of Madrid.

However, Franco has decided this Thursday to take a step back and present his resignation with which Ferraz will have to designate a manager to take the reins of the Madrid federation until the congress. During the executive of this Wednesday, the general secretary of the Madrid Socialists pointed out the need to make “self-criticism”, but also pointed to the errors of the Gabilondo campaign, designed from Moncloa.

Socialists admit that they did not expect a debacle of these dimensions and point to different factors that explain the defeat, among them the candidate, the federation itself and the opposition work – made difficult by the stampede towards the Government, including Franco himself to the Government delegation; the lurching of a campaign originally prepared to attract the voters of Ciudadanos who it didn’t work, the polarization and the vote against Pablo Iglesias, or the reading of the fatigue of the pandemic that Isabel Díaz Ayuso has been able to read, according to the various sources consulted.


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