November 30, 2020

José Manuel Blanco, candidate for the primaries of Cs Galicia, asks that the voting be suspended due to system failures

Lucense engineer José Manuel Blanco, one of the six candidates for the citizens’ primary to elect head of the Xunta de Galicia, has called for a vote to be suspended due to failures in the electronic system.

In statements to Europa Press, Blanco denounces that since midnight on Friday, at which time this internal process began, there were “many” party affiliates in the Galician Community who transferred that “they could not vote.”

These errors also affect the telematic election of the 355 pledges who will attend the General Assembly in March, as several members complained on social networks that they still could not access the system. Both this process and the nomination of a candidate in Galicia will last until 7.00 on this Sunday.

On the other hand, José Manuel Blanco advances that he will request the suspension of the primaries for the Galicians on April 5 and censures that “at no time” neither the Manager nor the regional direction of the party contacted him to give him any explanation.

In addition, the engineer from Lucense, who in recent days was critical of the training position of trying a coalition with the PPdeG for the next elections, regrets that “the only” messages transmitted from Cs Galicia through his Twitter account be tweets from its spokeswoman, Beatriz Pino, who is also a candidate for the primary and a member of the Manager.

In this sense, Blanco denounces that “there is no neutrality” both in the state and regional leadership for spreading messages from the candidate he considers “official”, compared to those who run to “try to change the course” of the training.


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