José Luis Moreno does not provide the judge with a handwriting sample after claiming that he is in a "hurry"

José Luis Moreno does not provide the judge with a handwriting sample after claiming that he is in a "hurry"

The television producer Jose Luis Moreno He has refused to provide the judge investigating him with a handwriting sample, claiming that he was in a "hurry", and has insisted once again that "everything" that he is accused of in what is known as puppet case "it's false".

"Everything is false". Those have been practically the only words that the popular ventriloquist has addressed to the media after testifying this Wednesday at his own request in the National Court, where he is being investigated for crimes such as fraud and criminal organization in the Puppet case, which revolves around alleged fraud against banks and private investors in search of financing.

A fraud that, as he did in his previous appearances, he has categorically denied and has justified that he was simply dedicated to providing creative ideas and that the person who closed the contracts and sought investment was Anthony Aguileraconsidered by investigators to be one of the main ringleaders of this plot, as reported to Efe legal sources.

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At the end of the declaration, the Judge Ismael Moreno He has asked him if he could produce a body of writing for a possible calligraphy expert, although the producer has refused to do so, claiming that he was in a hurry, according to sources.

Minutes before, the fiscal has questioned the alleged collaboration of Jose Luis Moreno having refused to provide tax documentation from one of its companies, an issue that the producer has said he was unaware of, while at the same time he has promised to provide it.

José Luis Moreno has given explanations about the contract related to the series "Aqui manda yo", which he planned to record for TVE and which finally did not come to fruition; a line of investigation for which several former directors of RTVE have recently been charged, such as its former president and later provisional administrator of Telemadrid, José Antonio Sánchez.

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According to sources, the producer, who has denied having received money from the public entity or having signed any contract with TVEexplained that the project did not succeed due to the arrival at RTVE of Rosa María Mateo, who had "animosity" towards him and said "Moreno, no water", although, he added, he does not know why since he has hired her husband many times.

Asked by the actor and director Santiago Segura, that would appear in said contract -Moreno could not due to his problems with the Treasury-, the producer has indicated that he got involved in the project because he was his friend.

He has also acknowledged that he paid for a trip to Germany for the former director of Content and Programming of RTVE. Antonio Luis Sevilla, whom he has described as "upright", and has justified that he paid those expenses because he wanted to begin a new stage in the private company.

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Moreno has been asked about some notes that the Civil Guard found in his agendas, such as one, apparently about the former director of TVE Fernando López Puig, which said "López Puig. Close contract director mordida", regarding which he already denied knowing why these concepts are together when Mordida is, according to him, the name of another series.

On this occasion, deeply offended, according to sources, he said that "in life" he has received a commission. This is the third time that the popular ventriloquist, who has once again attacked the Civil Guard investigation, has given a statement in the National audience; The first was after his arrest, in July 2021, and the second already in February 2022, when he denied being "the boss of anything."