José José, the “Prince of the song” dies

There are voices that although they have been off for years they continue to illuminate the sentimental biography of entire countries. This is the case of Mexican singer José José, the "Prince of the song", one of the most famous of Spanish music, who died in Miami at age 71, a victim of pancreatic cancer. The country will dismiss him with great honors, as was done with Juan Gabriel, another untouchable.

His father, the lyric singer José Sosa Esquivel, had alcoholism problems and he faced the same drama since the seventies when he begins to savor the most absolute success. Among his songs, "El triste", which left Mexicans and the Spanish-speaking world breathless in 1970, one of those issues that go beyond generations. His biography, at last, resembles the lyrics he interpreted and that still sound today in the canteens as the last drink of the romantic song. The rum and the narcotics made him habitual of the rehabilitation centers from very young, although, even so, or perhaps partly because of that, he knew how to become a legend. He left a good account of it in his autobiography "This is my life". In his last stage, with his voice already worn, he played some roles in Televisa's soap operas. “Gavilán or Paloma”, “Mi vida”, “Almohada” and “La nave del oblivio” sound again in the collective memory of Mexico.

The album "Secretos", produced and composed by Manuel Alejandro, he had in the whole world in 1983. He sold more than 130 million records, which made his figure one of the most relevant in the Spanish-American field in history.

In El Barrio de Clavería, as soon as the news was known, tributes to the myth began. There they sang their songs in chorus in an improvised and melancholic karaoke in the street. The video of his interpretation of "The sad" at the OTI Festival accumulates more than one hundred million views on YouTube when writing this note.

Reactions to the news stirred social networks. Alejandro Sanz said that "you created your own kingdom capable of going around the world and hearts." Julio Iglesias wrote: “This day is very sad for all the artists who were lucky enough to share moments with José José. Rest in peace dear friend. ” Alejandro Fernández sentenced: “One of the most talented beings who have had the pleasure of meeting. A piece of the history of Mexico and of the industry goes away worldwide. ” The Colombian Juanes shared a photo of both with some heartfelt words: "His voice will sound forever in our hearts."

One of his last and emotional appearances on Twitter, when the extent of his evil was already known, was to wish luck to Alfonso Cuarón at the Oscars, where the film “Rome” competed in which “The ship of oblivion” sounded, one of his first successes. "He died asleep," were the first words in tears that his daughter Sara said, thanked the public for all the support. "Know that your legacy will live forever, you are already at peace."

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