José Javier Salvador Calvo: The man who murdered his wife in 2003 was banned from approaching his children for five years | Society

José Javier Salvador Calvo: The man who murdered his wife in 2003 was banned from approaching his children for five years | Society

José Javier Salvador Calvo, the man who supposedly assassinated in Zaragoza the lawyer Rebeca Santamalia Cancer, of 48 years, and with whom she maintained a sentimental relationship, was sentenced in 2005 to 18 years in prison for the murder of his wife, Patricia Maurel Conte, on May 22, 2003 in the Teruel town of Puebla de Hijar, according to the judgment of the High Court of Justice of Aragon. In addition, he was banned from approaching his children and his in-laws for five years, from the moment he began to enjoy the prison exits. The body of Santamalia, who defended Salvador Calvo in this process, was found Thursday in Zaragoza in his home, who committed suicide.

In the sentence it is considered proven that Salvador killed 16 years ago his wife, who was then 29. He downloaded a dozen shots of the carbine he had bought, he said, for the communion of his son. And he did it after going to his in-laws' house to tell them that Patricia was cheating on him and that he was "receiving voice messages and writing on his cell phone about infidelity." The ruling holds that Maurel "maintained computer relations with a young man with whom he had great confidence".

Salvador went later, at 8:30 p.m. on May 22, to the bar Brillante de la Puebla de Híjar. There was his wife, candidate of the PP to the mayoralty of that municipality, along with his party colleagues, whom the murderer said he would "return" in two minutes. At that moment, the victim left the bar and, after having a brief conversation with the accused, went up with him to a Citroen C-15 van.

According to the sentence, "the defendant took his wife to the outskirts of Puebla de Híjar, approximately 900 meters away." When they reached that point, he stopped the vehicle "on a road where there are no houses and in which at that time there was nobody". Salvador took a carbine – a long firearm of shorter length and power than the rifle– Y "He began to shoot at the body without giving it time to react, defend itself effectively, or flee. "

Four of the projectiles hit the victim's head, two in the frontal zone and another two in the temples. Four others did so in the thorax and abdomen area. The sentence argues that they were fired at close range "in order to ensure death." In addition, he received another shot in the left arm, "when the victim tried to protect his head".

Later, Salvador moved his wife's corpse to a nearby farm and left it there abandoned. He returned to the town, parked the van and left the weapon in it, hidden among clothes. He called a friend on his cell phone to transfer him to Teruel. He met him in the restaurant Venta La Panolla, in Alcañiz (Teruel) about 23.00, where he arrived driving his wife's car. At that moment, at the insistence of the murderer "that he needed to go to Teruel", his friend took him in his vehicle.

Once there, Salvador went to the hospital and there he confessed to a police officer that "He had killed his wife. "The murderer revealed to Híjar's Civil Guard the exact location of Maurel's body, and concluded that" the accused, recognizing the facts, was aware that he was going to to be discovered and that they were already looking for his wife. "


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