April 10, 2021

José Carlos Martínez, investigated for using the name of the National Dance Company at a private gala | Culture

José Carlos Martínez, investigated for using the name of the National Dance Company at a private gala | Culture

The director of the National Dance Company (CND), José Carlos Martínez, and ten dancers of this group are undergoing an internal investigation by the Ministry of Culture for participating in a private capacity using the name of the CND at a gala on February 2 in the Japanese city of Sapporo.

The National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), which directly reports to the CND, has issued a statement this afternoon informing that it has opened an information file to the artists on the grounds that they may have violated the Law of Incompatibilities of the Personnel in the Service of the Public Administrations. The body will decide whether to apply sanctions to those involved once they have heard their testimonies and verified all the facts. According to Javier Figueroa, general secretary of the UGT in the Culture and Sports Ministry, Martínez should be dismissed immediately for having committed serious irregularities, including the embezzlement of public funds for a private activity.

The agency has launched the file after UGT made public this morning a note in which it denounced that in the work calendar of the CND does not appear any review on the performance of these artists in Japan, nor is it related in the official program of tours of the company, despite which the name of the CND appears on the poster of the gala held last Saturday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sapporo Art Park Ballet Seminar.

"Neither the deputy management nor the management of the National Dance Company nor the INAEM have knowledge of this tour to Japan, so there is no INAEM contract with the Japanese company or festival," he explains in his letter UGT. From that it is deduced, according to the union, that the labor and safety regulations of the workers have not been complied with, because they have been "paid the corresponding allowances, nor the payment for compensation for working Saturdays and Sundays, travel insurance contracts, etcetera". Thus, UGT has also announced that it will file complaints with the Labor Inspectorate and the State Attorney General's Office and will also investigate if similar irregularities have occurred in previous years.

José Carlos Martínez, who has been leading the CND since 2011, has not yet been able to clarify anything regarding this matter, since precisely this afternoon he is returning by plane to Madrid from Japan.


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