July 29, 2021

José Ángel Hevia, new president of the SGAE | Culture

José Ángel Hevia, new president of the SGAE | Culture

The Board of Directors of the SGAE has elected its president on Monday for the next four years. As this newspaper advanced, José Ángel Hevia (Asturias, 1967) has become the new manager of society, with 20 votes in favor. At his side will be Teo Cardalda, as vice president. The piper musician has only had two votes against and 12 abstentions.

The most powerful group in the rights management entity (Colegio de Pequeño Derecho) have voted en bloc in favor. Since the Editors have cast two favorable votes. The numerous abstentions have come from Great Law and Audiovisual. Josemi Carmona, Virginia Glük, Hueco, Hevia, Cardalda and Pablo Pinilla form the Board of Directors.

In the elections 1,373 members took part of the 18,970 of the total (7.25%), the society elected a new Board of Directors, composed of 35 partners that will integrate, during the next four years, the highest governing body and representation of society . The College of Great Law will have six members, the Audiovisual Works nine members, the Editorial Board will consist of four and the aforementioned Small Law, 16.

Teo Cardalda was the most voted candidate in the October elections, with 6,335 votes, followed by Tontxu (6,075), Huecco (5,823), Fernando Illán (5,770) and, in fifth place, Hevia with 5,684 votes. Teddy Bautista stayed very far, almost 1,000 votes, to enter the formation of the Board. As the former president told EL PAÍS: "I wanted to be part of the solution. Although now I feel relief and I'm glad I'm not part of the problem. That board is again fragmented. All the effort to find the dialogue is going to be epic ".


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