October 22, 2020

José Andrés offers Thanksgiving food to victims of fire in the USA.

José Andrés offers Thanksgiving food to victims of fire in the USA.

On Thanksgiving, the non-profit organization "World Central Kitchen", by Spanish chef José Andrés, today offered food to thousands of people affected by the fires that have plagued the state of California for several days. United.

"I'm a cook who cooks for a few, but today I had the opportunity to cook for many, my family and I felt we had to be here," the chef said in an interview with CNN.

With the help of about a hundred volunteers, the organization set up three kitchens and two dining rooms in the center of the Californian town of Chico in the last few days with the purpose of preparing up to 15,000 lunches to entertain those affected by the fire.

"This is what we do." World Central Kitchen tries to ensure that people do not lack food after this type of tragedy, and if a plate of food can bring them hope that things will go better tomorrow, it is the least we can do, "said José Andrés.

The popular chef already made a similar action last year in Puerto Rico to help alleviate the suffering of the islanders after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

Among the guests at the feast today were numerous firefighters who in recent days have worked on the extinction of fires and, for the moment, have managed to control around 85% of the flames.

To date, these fires have claimed the lives of at least 83 people, while another 563 remain missing according to the latest official data, and have destroyed some 13,500 homes and about 500 shops.

The fire was declared on November 8 and in a few hours completely destroyed the population of Paradise, of 26,000 inhabitants.


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