December 2, 2020

Jos Manuel Colmenero, former Sporting, Mallorca and Depor player, arrested in Gijn for mistreatment – La Provincia

The Police arrested this Sunday, early in the evening, at former football player from Gijón José Manuel Colmenero, who is accused of a alleged crime of mistreatment for which in the next few hours he will have to respond to the investigating court that was on duty last weekend in Gijón, at the time the allegedly criminal acts took place.

The player’s arrest took place on Palacio Valdés street, known as Acerona. The now arrested is one of the people from Gijón who is part of the history of Asturian football both for its long career and for the titles achieved. Account in her record with a League Championship (1999-2000), one Copa del Rey (2002) and two Spanish Super Cups (2000 and 2002), all achieved in the remembered ‘Super Dépor’.

Colmenero was born in Gijón. He began playing in El Llano 2000 on the right wing and spent more than a decade in Mareo. Went up to Sporting in the 2003 season and there he began an intense career that led him to play at the highest level in the Majorca, again Sporting, Deportivo de La Coruña, Numancia, Deportivo again and Hannover (Germany). In the 2003-04 season he returned to Spain and began a tour of Second and Second B teams at the Ejido Sports Center that also led him to Marino de Luanco.


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