August 3, 2020

Jos Luis Perales withdraws his songs from the SGAE – La Provincia

The musician José Luis Perales, who will receive the honor prize of the Odeón musical awards next Monday, January 20, has confirmed the withdrawal from its repertoire of the SGAE since the beginning of this year. “Soon I will be able to tell more things, but I can announce that I am one of the musicians who is gone“, the author of ‘And how is he’ said in an interview with Europa Press. The entity has confirmed to Europa Press the progress of Perales, stating that he is” one of the few who has left “and that the” great majority “of the artists stay.

At the end of 2019, it was known that numerous authors and publishers had requested the withdrawal of their repertoire of the SGAE as of January 1, 2020 – among which were Julio Iglesias, Sabina or José Luis Perales himself. However, at the beginning of the year, the entity announced that both publishers and almost all music authors revoked their exit request and would remain in the SGAE.

On the other hand, Perales, who has avoided ruling on politics, has acknowledged that perhaps his way “has been more difficult” precisely because of “not having played anything”, unlike other authors. “In my career there has simply been a slower process of recognition and now people value a work of 50 years of work: it seems logical that I have a pedestal,” he joked.

Throughout his career, he has written dozens of songs for other artists -‘Because you are leaving?’ de Jeanette or ‘Como una ola’ by Rocío Jurado, among others- and Perales himself has explained that he needs to “put himself in the skin” of the singer to compose for others. “It’s like undressing the character or writing a script for an actor,” he said.

However, he has acknowledged that now I couldn’t write a song for Rosalia, for example. “It is so special that I would not know how to make a song for her, nor do I feel strong enough to write it. But that does not mean that it is not a piece of artist that breaks everything and has broken the molds,” he said.

The musician He has said that he listens to reggaeton or trap “like any other type of music” and that many times he is “surprised” by the quality of the songs of these styles. “Sometimes I am listening to the radio and I am surprised by a singer, some of them reggaeton. I think it is a genre that is very good and I would love to know how to do it, but I do not know,” he said.

Although he has addressed many topics in his lyrics, he has indicated that love has been his favorite, because he is someone who he is “very much in love”. “They leave me almost unintentionally, although I also fall in love with them, huh? Some people see talking about love as something I demolished, but I don’t think it’s cheesy: love for people and life will always be topical,” he said humorously .

Although you will be immersed in a farewell tour this last year, Perales has reiterated that “never” music could “go”. “It is simply that, although I feel physically well, there comes a time when it is time to rest, just like taking a trip from time to time, having time to write … A tour like this affects you a lot and I do not want so much pressure “, he admitted.


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