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Almost four months after the tragic accident of Jose Antonio Reyes that shocked the world of football, the investigations of ERAT, Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team, of the Civil Guard, have not yet finished.

He Sinister It took place on the morning of June 1 at kilometer 18 of the A-376 motorway in the direction Utrera, the hometown of Reyes to which he returned with two cousins after training with Extremadura in Almendralejo. At first, the Civil Guard said the car was going at 237 km / h, but the latest report said that the speed was much lower and that no radar caught the vehicle traveling with speeding.

Apparently, the mentioned vehicle was not in good condition. Reyes had not used it for a while and told his brother Jesus that he intended to use it again. Jesus I take it to the workshop So they will perform the set-up.

However, the investigation determines, for the moment, that despite going through a workshop and even later overcome the ITV, one of the tires was not in good condition.

After passing the technical inspection of the vehicle, the player took the car back to another workshop, near Almendralejo, where he played football with the Estremadura because a wheel was giving him problems. This was hours before the accident.

The main hypothesis is that one of the tires, despite having a bright and novel appearance, was used and cracked and in a pothole, or with any other cause other than driving, the tire bit the rubber and blew the wheel, bursting it.

Now the authorities are still investigating whether the cause of the accident may be due to the negligence of a workshop.

If not for him blowout, the consequences of the incident probably would not have been so serious.

Cañizares returns to comment on the accident of Reyes

The exguardameta of Valencia and Real Madrid, Santiago Cañizares, has been one of the most critical when it comes to dealing with the fatal accident of José Antonio Reyes. The current commentator in the media recently defended himself after the latest data that came to light around the circumstances of the fatal incident, but his continued references to what happened have not pleased the family at all.

Nacho Abad has counted on Public mirror the message of the Reyes family for Santiago Cañizares: " You have hurt us a lot, we will denounce you".

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