May 27, 2020

Jos A. Alayn, Miguel G. Morales, Silvia and Rafael Navarro, at the Gijn Festival – La Provincia

The director and producer José A. Alayón; the tandem of filmmakers formed by Silvia Navarro and Miguel G. Morales; and the filmmaker and actor Rafael Navarro Miñón integrate the Canarian quota that participates in the 57th edition of Gijón International Film Festival, which is celebrated from November 15 to 23 in the Asturian city.

The movie Blank white, directed by Théo Court (Spain, Chile, France, Germany, 2019), co-produced by The Journey Films, Founded by José A. Alayón, who also signs the photography of the film, competes in the Official Feature Film Section of the Asturian contest, which is exhibited as a premiere in Spain. The film already holds two awards from the last Venice Mostra, where it competed in the section Orizzonti (Horizons) and it was erected in the first Canarian film that integrated the record of the oldest film festival in the world.

In addition, the feature film Of the names of the goats, co-directed by Silvia Navarro and Miguel G. Morales, unanimously awarded the Lisbon City Grand Prix for best feature film at the International Indie Film Festival, opens in Spain in the framework of the Asturian festival within its section Llendes (Borders).

And finally, the short film My salsa teacher, by Rafael Navarro Miñón, distributed by the Canary seal Digital 104 Film Distribution, is projected in the cycle The night of the Spanish short.

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