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The singer Jorge Ruiz (Murcia, 1975), soul of the group Damn nerea, consider that Creating music is a process that has "a lot to do with magic" because, although the result of composing lyrics or making a melody "has no visible substance", it does help build "realities that can move the world."

"A melody appears, usually when I'm on the move; I record the idea with my mobile and then something even more magical happens, which is to move from idea to action, that is, when that melody becomes something real and begins to roll"notes Ruiz in an interview with Europa Press.

The artist is in Murcia, where Thursday he has signed copies of his latest album, 'A planet called us', in which he wanted to continue the wake of the previous ones, marked by confidence in human action and positivity through messages addressed to all ages, especially the youngest.

"The person you care about is your planet; to take care of you I need to take care of me, and so we will take care of ourselves and where we are, "he explains in reference to the title of the work that will take him on tour from February 14 to June 26 through several cities in Spain - in Murcia he will act on May 23 and 24- and others from abroad such as Paris, London, Dublin and Mexico City.

He says that for his last album, the eighth in his professional career, he has used a "basic tool", active meditation, which has helped him find his "maximum potential" for creativity with the help of a master guide, and who, he confesses, "has been a revolution" for him. "It has transformed my life because I used to be very slow composing and, in this case, in just one month I made five songs, of them three 'singles'; it has been a revolution that I want to start developing with other young artists to help them with their careers. "

To Ruiz, lMeditation is, in fact, "the alchemy of creativity", a practice that "happens, is a consequence" and that "is not as mystical as it seems" because "it has been used in all religions." "What happens is that modern human beings are going at a level of speed that costs us," he said.

His lyrics speak of freedom because he believes that thanks to it "you begin to destroy your own limitations", to interpret the circumstances, which allows you to overcome yourself and use the experiences, "even when they are terrible", as "energy" that allows you to even reverse reality.

However, he argues that He has not always followed this 'formula' of interpreting life: "There was a moment, at the beginning, in which I began to run more than I could", in a context marked by the "voracity" of the record industry and all the maelstrom that the world of music entails.

This includes "the 'I'", "idolatry", an aspect that, he acknowledges, "is very common in pop music" but not in his group, because "there is no idol here" or "motive of worship" beyond of the artist's work, which generates "an energy" and, from there, "people follow you and fill you".

"I do not consider it to be excellent; it is true that there is a story that has a lot of coherence between what I think, what I feel, what I say and what I do," says Ruiz, for whom that 'coherence' is very visible on his latest album, in which his followers can find a babysitter, several songs about education and one about intellectual disability, entitled 'Extraordinary'.

Therefore, he insists, his music goes beyond fashions such as reggaeton or trap: "Those musicians reflect the reality of what they see and if they only write about it, we will have to ask ourselves what reality we have left them, that is, instead of asking why young people dance these styles now, we must see what happens to the inner life of those kids. "

Parental pin

Degree in Speech Therapist and Hearing and Language Teaching, for Ruiz there is no profession "more influential" than that of a teacher, because "talking to them is talking to entire generations" and they are, together with the family, the "center" of children's lives. "You have to honor that profession and try to inspire through your history, not to teach; everyone thinks they know what teachers have to do, and that is not so," he says, after criticizing that "many times things are said "of teachers who" are vain " Without thinking about what this job entails.

Asked about the implementation of 'parental pin' in the classrooms, ensures that it is "noise" and a subject that "use both parties", ignoring that "there is an established social mandate" which consists in "trusting the teacher", in his work and potential. "It is that there is no debate, neither of lefts nor of rights."

One of the achievements he is most proud of is be part of the Promete Foundation, focused on educational and social innovation projects on the basis of an "ancient model, the Socratic dialogue", and where the singer can "add up" in regards to "talent management".

This system consists "in asking the subject: what do you want to do?" and "using a concrete technique, draw that project from the idea, make it a reality, communicate it and reflect it," so that "you learn as you do things", that you practice them and you are wrong or right.

"Philosophy has been saying thousands of years; it is an inclusive model, valid for all stages of life, especially after 8 years and that can be applied to any school in the world because what matters is not the circumstances, but that doing from the inside out, "he says.

So far, this system has been implemented in several educational centers in La Rioja, where the headquarters of the Foundation is located, and is also practiced at the Promete Campus, where children develop their project over five days a year. staff and realize how valuable they are. "


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