Jorge Molina: "They spend the week crying and it works" | sports

Jorge Molina: "They spend the week crying and it works" | sports

"If I say what I think several games fall," Jorge Molina said on the grass of Mestalla just after the game. "Every time we play with them they spend the week crying and then it works for them, yellow for us at the minimum. Well let them pass. As we are the Getafe, it seems that we bother, "lamented the veteran striker.

"We have been superior in the field, which is where things are shown. We have shown an impressive character. This is what we are, "said the Valencian Rodrigo, who also wanted to leave a message for his rivals yesterday:" They thought we were going to be intimidated, but we felt superior playing, not talking. "

After the final whistle both teams engaged in a fight that could lead to penalties. "Everything was over the end. For some it has been the product of euphoria and for others, of frustration, "said Marcelino, coach of Valencia, who did not want to delve into the controversy with Pepe Bordalás.

In this sense, Marcelino recalled that they deserve "much more" than they have in the league and now they hope to finish this reaction both in the Cup, to get into the final, and in the domestic championship. "We have 11 draws, the team is competitive and in football there are things that are not explainable."

Jorge Molina: "They spend the week crying and it works"

The Getafe coach did not raise the tone much, but he regretted the arbitration, which he defined as "a little homemade". "I'm stuck because it was a game that we had channeled soon. But only remains to congratulate Valencia ", finished the Getafe coach. Finally, Bordalás declined to comment on the incident that occurred at the end of the game between players of both teams. "I have not seen anything at the end of the game," said the Getafe coach.

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