Jorge Martnez: "The right that now triggers the alarms has always been there" – La Provincia

Jorge Martnez: "The right that now triggers the alarms has always been there" - La Provincia

The rocker who did not hesitate to get off the stage to drive some snoot without a doubt deserved, almost 40 years later, taking vigorous disks, restless and stuck to reality. Illegales has just published 'Rebelin', his eleventh work.

Do you think that your friend Omar, who according to one of the songs of his last album is homosexual, should be afraid that Vox has taken 12 deputies in Andalusia?

My friend Omar is a brave guy, and very capable of defending himself. But in Ilegales, the ancient chivalric spirit has always been present, which forces us to protect those who need it, even if they do not ask for help.

In 1982 he sang Europe has died . Do refugees and those who do not want them tell us that it is now that they have died and that they were only agonizing before?

When I wrote it I had my eyes fixed more on the crisis of Western civilization and on that other artificial Europe that is the USA. However, much of this explosion at the borders is the responsibility of companies with high decision-making power in the policies of developed countries that have been exploiting the resources of large areas for centuries. The plundering of large multinationals has reached such an extreme that it prevents life from being lived in large spaces on the world map. Europe and all developed countries have been unable to assume responsibilities on-site pressed by the big commercial interests and now they do not know how to manage the consequences. The borders burst with pure hunger and Europe can be devoured.

"Yesterday's innocence can not come back," she sings in another song. Many blame the Spanish left for too much innocence. Do you agree?

No, I believe that innocence is much more widespread on the right than on the left. That right, which has triggered so many alarms, has always been there. The only thing that happens now is that it has become visible and fragmented: it is no longer a single monolithic party, now we have three. It is better that the tendencies become visible. All analysis, however naive, takes into account that a fragmentation implies a weakening.

More messages from the last album. In Not so much, silly warns of the consequences of the "mountains" of coca. And in My cup and me also attacks against alcoholism. Why?

Drug use is a very obvious reality to ignore. A serious study reveals that a river as large as the Ebro contains traces of cocaine. Sometimes the fool is inside of us and it becomes difficult to detect it according to when. My cup and me, which is probably the top of Rebellion on a literary level, it is a personal, glacial and sincere look at alcoholism. I have the fortune of not having an addictive personality and that's why no toxic has come to harm me.

When in another song he talks about the world "carapijo y feliz" he is not referring to the festive and sponsored rock, right?

Rock, since its birth, has become a consumer good and keeps an industry behind it. I can not think of any human activity that is not linked to some form of market. Consumerism is an inevitable constant. What is striking is the imitative phenomenon of the popular classes adopting modes, customs and clothing of the elites. There has been a kidnapping of masses who live a reality that is not theirs.

In the documentary about Illegal My life among the ants someone says that the Jorge character has eaten the real one. Are you a victim of your own legend?

No, Jorge Illegal and Jorge Martínez are the same person. What happens is that when you live an extraordinary life assuming the risks involved, you seem strange to the observer.

"Jorge Illegal is the best host has given", says Ordovás in the same documentary. Would you rather say that about you than what a great record you have made?

I agree that they have exceeded putting the accents more in the anecdotal than in the purely artistic and important. I am afraid that it is almost impossible to exist publicly without producing distorted images.

When he has composed songs like Heil Hitler or You are a whore Was it more to provoke or to bother?

Heil Hitler It's a blatant provocation and also a desacralization, that's why it's not an unhealthy song in any sense. You are a whore It is a celebration sung for a friend with a great sexual talent. She has loved the song to me too and we have celebrated it together.

In his songs he has gotten involved with Hitler, with hippies and with hipsters. Everything crappy starts with 'hi'?

Ha, ha, ha?


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