July 25, 2021

Jorge Luis Naranjo Henrquez, KALISE – The Province

Jorge Luis Naranjo Henrquez, KALISE - The Province

When you decide to buy a product with the Made in the Canary Islands distinctive you are investing in our people and in our land. You invest in our people because you help sustain industrial employment and you contribute to create indirect employment in the rest of the economic sectors. You invest in our land because our industry is more competitive and generates more economic activity in the Canary Islands. When you buy Elaborated Here, come back to you.

I have the brand very rooted.I remember as a child seeing the Kalise posters when I went to the stadium or when I went to the beach. After the years, when I finished my engineering studies, I came to Kalise to collect some data for my final year project and they offered me to work here. I rejected the offer because if I put myself to work I could not finish my project. The company offered me the night shift with the possibility of being able to occupy the hours of little work with my final project tasks and I accepted it. And that's how I started, working at night, being responsible for the industrial cleaning of all the packaging lines.

At that time the use of AutoCAD began, widely used in architecture. One day, when I was finishing my work day, I saw one of the directors working with cut-outs to define how the installation could be modified. I told him that it was not done that way anymore and I showed him how that computer program worked. Overnight he bought me a computer and I drew up the blueprint for a new line that had to be installed. He was fascinated and I started to collaborate with the Danish team that was working on that project. I've even made ice cream designs with AutoCAD.

I continued making progress and getting to know the company while I was making substitutions when the department managers went on vacation. This allowed me to know all the areas of the process. I also worked as an assistant to the head of engineering and maintenance. Once my boss retired, I came to have that responsibility. Now I am the head of the industrial plant, giving solutions, which is what I like. A very important value that our company has is the people.

We have a part of the staff that has been here for many years. Young people are also entering, university students, students of FP. And there are those like me who come to do their final career work.

Kalise is a relatively large company that retains the spirit of a family business. Decisions are not taken coldly. It takes into account people with their first and last name and not as a number because the directors know the trajectory of each of those people. It is a company socially committed to the environment, to society. Just look at the posters at any sports or solidarity event and check that Kalise is always present. Buying a product from Kalise is also, in some way, supporting that solidarity activity. It is also helping to sustain the jobs that the company generates, including the activity of the small companies that offer their services.


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