October 22, 2020

Jorge Javier Vzquez: "The plot of the musical has many touches of Broadway, of divas that fight" – La Provincia

Jorge Javier Vzquez: "The plot of the musical has many touches of Broadway, of divas that fight" - La Provincia

The popular, veteran television presenter and current actor theatrical, Jorge Javier Vázquez, has come to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to promote his new theatrical work, 'Great hits', which will take place on January 13 at the Gran Canaria Arena. This is the artist's second show, "a bet more risky than the first, I was serious"We have included four musicians live, one more step that brings a show aspect, a concert that is very much appreciated," emphasizes Vázquez.

As for what the audience is going to find on the scene, he explains that he gives life to a presenter with the same name who is offered to record a record. "I agree to record it, but with three conditions: first, that it be called" Grandes éxitos ", which is a bit strange because I've never recorded a record, second, it's done in a live theater to show that I have a voice and third, make a duet with her, which is Blanca del Bosque, who in her day was a very renowned artist and with whom I got along very well, but as a result of coming to a TV show, we ended up "pricing".

The show takes place the night just before the celebration of the concert during a rehearsal. It involves the clash of two very strong personalities and gives rise to issues from the smile and laughter like love, lack of love or friendship, but, as in all comedies of Juan Carlos Rubio, with that point of emotion. There is always a break in which even the tear jumps. "

Vazquez continues saying that in the repertoire of songs there is only one original song, "Amistad Imperfecta". "The rest of the songs are very well known to the public, when I go to a musical I prefer it because it's lighter."

The musical makes a certain tribute to the magazine. "The plot also has many touches of Broadway, divas who are fighting to get their space, the director Juan Carlos Rubio and the musical director, Julio Awad are lovers of the genre," says the actor. "There are surprising musical numbers, especially one of the artist Inés León, who, using well-known songs, gives them a twist and turns out to be one of the most celebrated numbers."

In the show, he asks himself what to do if he had to act with someone's worst enemy. "It's about two people who were friends in their day, but they ended up arguing and now they have to get together to record a duo on a record, so the show shows rivalries, friendships, enmities and betrayals that we all have happened at some point, we can play with people we do not get along with. " "I like that the message of the show is that despite everything you have to fight to keep retaining friendship and trying to recover broken elements."

On the other hand, Vazquez points out that Juan Carlos Rubio has taken to this work "many elements of mine that he has taken to the stage in a very caricatured way and also has been inspired by stories that I have told him, to mount the show. characteristics of real people. "

For the artist it is a great satisfaction to come to the Canary Islands. "I remember that in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium at the end of the function of the previous representation everyone started with the pío pío. I still get the creeps when watching the videos. "With the Islands I have a very special relationship. I remember coming a lot to work for carnivals. I am very comfortable here and very dear. I had a boyfriend from Lanzarote and I traveled frequently to see him. I would like to spend more time in the Archipelago because every time I detest the winter of Madrid. I take a look at the prices of the flats for sale in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. "

Jorge Javier presents and acts. It does not stop. "The fundamental thing for me is to feel comfortable with what I do, success comes from being happy and that you like what you do." For many, my life would be stressful, but I do not see it that way. In this way, tiredness does not exist, I've been on TV for 20 years, having started a new career on the scene at 45 keeps me very much alive, I'm looking forward to every weekend to act. when performing only one or two functions ".

The presenter points out that Grandes éxitos was premiered at the Rialto Theater in Madrid in January and has toured several cities of the Peninsula to reach the Canary Islands, first to Gran Canaria and then to Tenerife.

Tickets for the Jorge Javier Vázquez show can be purchased at entradas.laprovincia.es.


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