September 24, 2020

Jorge Javier Vzquez: “Thanks to the theater, I accept life and death” – La Provincia

The multifaceted presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez, 49, wants to turn 50 next summer doing theater. That’s why he’ll get on the tables again to present ‘Dismantling Seneca’, with text by Juan Carlos Rubio the author of his two previous works, a “show necessary in the vital moment in which I am”, according to his words, a work that deals with the brevity of life and death.

Jorge Javier Vázquez, who in 2015 presented and toured with ‘Life was serious’, a comedy whose wicks were made from his own biography returns this time to the stage renewed, with almost 15 kilos less and a new way of facing life, as he has been in charge of explaining excessively every time he has the opportunity. “Now I take things more calmly”. At that time he has to see the stroke he suffered last March and has made him go through the operating room twice. The stroke also forced him to give up continuing with the theater tour of ‘Great Successes’.

This work has changed me completely, has led me to understand and accept the concepts of life and death, and that has given me tremendous peace of mind. It arose as a result of having to face a situation like the one I had to face, “he explained to Efe. The premiere of this intimate monologue will be on March 13 and 14 at the Góngora Theater in Córdoba – tickets are already sold out – and Vázquez will combine the tour with his television work at the helm of the programs of Tele 5 ‘Save me’, ‘Saturday Deluxe’ and ‘Survivors’, in his case they are already 20 years in front of the cameras and most of them doing direct.

“I think the way of being and working has to connect with the audience of the moment. Probably my way of doing television 30 years ago would not have been accepted. The merit is not only of oneself, but also of being in the right time and place. In addition, my career has gone slowly, and that has been a luck. I have been able to learn from people whom I greatly admired. I have been a collaborator for many years, everything has been emerging in a staggered way. “

The Badalona has made these statements in the presentation of a sponsoring diet. “Since I follow a correct diet I have a lot more vitality and I get less tired. For my lifestyle, after long days on the sets I came home at night and ate much more than what my body really needed, simply by habit. it’s over”.


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