Jorge Javier Vázquez, to Rocío Flores: "Stop working on TV that destroys your family"

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Rocío Flores.

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Rocío Flores.

"Stop working on TV that destroys your family." This is the title of a devastating letter, full of irony, that Jorge Javier Vazquez has written to Dew Flowers. The presenter of Mediaset, who these days is off due to acute laryngitis, has shared an acid reflection on the presence of the daughter of Antonio David Flores in Telecinco, a chain that has been the victim of his attacks on more than one occasion.

"I'm sorry. I see you from time to time in 'The Ana Rosa program' and I suffer. Because I imagine what it must be like to work in a chain that destroys your family ", the host of 'Save me' and 'Secret Story' begins by saying.

"I understand the pain it must cause you receive month by month the money you earn for being an accomplice of the company that causes so much distress in your business. Sorry, in your family, "he adds on his blog.

To finish, Jorge Javier gives the former 'Survivors' contestant some advice: "Leave that job, darling. You'll see how good it suits you. When a door is closed, a window always opens." "I am convinced that with the popularity you have achieved, they will soon call you to compete in Your face sounds familiar to me", concludes by referring to a competition program.

Rocío Flores, who this week showed the new aesthetic touches that she has undergone, has radically changed her mind in recent months. At first, the daughter of Rocío Carrasco He claimed that television was not part of his plans. However, after defending his father in 'GH VIP' he premiered as a reality contestant in 'Survivors 2020'. In addition, in April of this year she signed as a collaborator in 'Ana Rosa's program'.


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