Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

Jorge Javier Vázquez opens new love

Jorge Javier estrena nuevo amor

Jorge Javier Vázquez premiere love. Or at least that is what the presenter of Save me
Y GH Duo. It would be a young of 26 years that, in addition, is journalist, a field that would join the most well-known face of Telecinco. The boy, of which Jorge Javier only gives the initials, would be returning the illusion to the Catalan one year after having announced his break with his previous partner.

Vázquez, who has never been shy about talking about his love life, confesses it in his personal blog of Readings, in which explains how they met on Instagram. From there, the presenter gives a series of clues to refer to this person who would occupy a special space in the heart of Badalona.

In his blog, he tells how he is reading a book in a train that is titled The art of Loving, by Enric Fromm. Y he assures that he is a very special young man who has given it to him. It's called J.L. and "he is a journalist", says the presenter who also reveals the age of his new special friend is only 26 years, that is, 22 less than the presenter.

"He tells me the problems you have when it comes to finding work and I can not help but to thank you for having started in this world 20 years ago because I think everything was easier before, "says the presenter who seems excited about this new emotional stage that opens before him, after having confessed that he had even opened profiles in applications to link with the mobile ... without too much success.

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