Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

Jorge Javier Vázquez, more critical than ever with politics and Pablo Casado

Jorge Javier Vázquez, más crítico que nunca con la política y Pablo Casado

Jorge Javier Vázquez do not shut up The presenter of
Save me
He has already warned on several occasions that he has no shame in showing his political opinion on television and nowhere. That's what he's done in the magazine Readings, where he has analyzed the political news and has criticized especially the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado.

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"The politician who worries me the most is Pablo Casado, who alternates a perennial smile with a dangerously bellicose dialectic ". With these words denounced in his column of the magazine the speech of the popular leader when affirming that "the young people who have lived in democracy all their life sighs for the return of a regime that restricts liberties and prevents the growth of the human being". All a nod to Casado.

"Alternate a perennial smile with a dangerously bellicose dialectic"

But not only him. The presenter of Sálvame does not agree with the current Spanish political class, so he has had words for everyone. "After many years fighting against restrictive moralities and unique thoughts, they return the ideologies that they impose, those that dictate 'things are like that and there is no discussion'"

Because Jorge Javier Vázquez has for everyone. A few weeks ago on Saturday Deluxe already communicated to viewers what would be your vote for the next elections autonomic and municipal May. "At the City Hall of Madrid I will vote for Manuela Carmena " and "in the Community, to Íñigo Errejón".

We can but without churches

However, I would not vote for Pablo Iglesias. The reason is none other than another column in Lecturas where two weeks ago he criticized the leader of Podemos and advised him to leave. "Iglesias would do himself a favor and his voters leaving", He said, to sentence:" It is time to make way for a figure capable of excitement and excitement. "

In this way he returned to make clear his opinion on a subject that concerns him. Because the presenter of Sálvame Deluxe is one of the few faces of the small screen that speaks openly on television about his political ideology. This fact, that traditionally in Spain is translated in silence, it is not like that in other countries like the USA. There it is more common to find great media figures giving their opinion on the matter and even interfere in acts related to politics.

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