Jorge Javier Vázquez disarms Antonio David Flores after his labor trial

It seemed incredible but it has happened.

After what he says has been "the worst year of his life", Anthony David Flores Y Jorge Javier Vazquez The faces have been seen in court for a lawsuit that the former collaborator of Save me has filed with the Tele Factory for unfair dismissal after the alleged gender-based violence perpetrated by the former civil guard against the daughter of Rocío Jurado became known, Rocio Carrasco.

A trial that the former collaborator expected like rain in May and that has caused the reunion between the two in the Madrid courts of Calle Princesa in Madrid. Accompanied by miquel rodriguez, one of the directors of the television space, Vázquez appeared in the judicial enclave sheltered behind black sunglasses to give a statement that lasted for an hour.

Now, a few days later, the Mediaset presenter has broken his silence and has advanced to a well-known magazine how the meeting with his former set partner was.

"Are we going to give Antonio David a voice now?"

In an exclusive interview given by the man from Badalona, ​​Vázquez assures that "I would not like to have to interview Antonio David because he would be doing something that is not correct" and wonders "Are we going to give Antonio David a voice now to say that this is a lie? He has had twenty years to show us all that and he has not done it, his ex-wife had to come to dismantle it with papers.

After this reflection, Jorge Javier points out that "we have had Rocío Carrasco teaching all kinds of evidence telling her story and there are things that no longer allow any kind of debate" thus settling any kind of possibility of a conversation with the former civil guard.

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