Jorge Javier jokes with the criticism he receives in ‘Save me’: “The dwarf dictator is me”

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Kiko Matamoros

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Kiko Matamoros

The collaborators of ‘Save me‘They have debated during the afternoon of this Monday about the latest events that have occurred on the island of’Survivors‘, but the opinions of Kiko Matamoros have caused the surprise of his teammates. Among them was Jorge Javier Vazquez, who jokingly has “disavowed” the tertullian so that he does not talk about what happens in the reality show of Telecinco.

You go against Omar and in favor of Olga by inertia“Laura Fa has reproached Matamoros. The presenter has sided with her and questioned the businessman’s criteria:” By excess or by default, you cannot talk about ‘Survivors’. In the same way that you lost all credibility by systematically charging Rocio Carrasco, now you lose it by systematically praising Olga. ”

Although the atmosphere between the two was relaxed, Matamoros has thrown a dart at the host of the program: “Lately you’re getting an autocratic bias that I don’t like“” Are you saying that I’m looking like Carlota? “, Jorge Javier replied.

A question with which he has made reference to the strong disagreements that have occurred in recent weeks between the presenter and the collaborator as a result of the Rocío Carrasco documentary.

“No, I also know that this nonsense bothers Carlota a lot,” said the tertullian. At that moment, Jorge Javier has joked with the criticisms and disqualifications that he usually receives from some viewers of the program: “In any case, Carlota would be copying me, as I am the first dictator. She would be the second dictator.” “The dictator dwarf is me“, has settled with humor.


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