Jorge Javier jokes in the ‘Deluxe’ with the state of Belén Esteban after Anabel’s wedding: “This chair is for Belén or whatever is left of it”

An image of Belén Esteban.

An image of Belén Esteban.

The wedding between Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez has been the protagonist in recent days in ‘Save me‘. Therefore, it is not surprising that the ‘Deluxe’ also wanted to spend a good part of his night analyzing everything related to the Pantoja event.

In fact, the ceremony was attended by some regular faces of the chain such as Raquel Bollo, Amor Romeira or herself Belén Esteban, who made an appearance at the ‘Deluxe’ last night to tell first-hand about his wedding experience, or at least try.

The program began without the presence of the collaborator, who was one of the protagonists of the wedding, as could be seen in the numerous videos published on social networks where she appeared giving everything.

“This empty chair is for Belén Esteban or whatever is left of it,” Jorge Javier began by saying. to explain that the winner of ‘Big Brother Vip’ was still on her way to the Mediaset facilities. However, it took a few minutes to appear and I do not hesitate to assure that it was He had a “phenomenal” time. He also stated that “I’ve given it my all. I don’t know what time I went to bed. Sing ‘La bomba’ and songs of a lifetime “.

The presenter, seeing the state of her voice, did not hesitate to joke with her: “For all the people who are watching you, can you sing us the one from ‘El Gallo’?” Something she did how she could: “But who could have the happiness that the rooster has … kikirikiki the rooster rises … Today I am not here to sing”, he acknowledged after the great effort he had just made. “You cannot deny that you are coming for a wedding, daughter”, Jorge said with a laugh.


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