Jorge Javier calls Rocío Flores "chunga" and charges Antonio David: "Miserable and lazy"

Jorge Javier Vazquez he hasn't bitten his tongue and it has exploded live against dew flowers. The presenter of 'Save me' has baptized Anthony David Flores with the nickname of 'El Penas', a description that has not made the ex-collaborator's daughter at all funny. "What a pity. Poor thing, I feel sorry for him," said the young woman on Monday afternoon before the microphones of the press.

By allusions, the conductor of the space of Telecinco has responded to the statements of the current collaborator of Ana Rosa with a forceful message: "For how young she is, she's very dodgy". "She works on TV because she is the granddaughter of Dew Sworn and daughter of Rocio Carrasco, do not forget. If she were only the daughter of El Penas, she wouldn't be on TV," she recalled.

However, most of the speech has gone against Antonio David, who would be the one who handles the threads of the entire plot that surrounds his family: "I would be sorry to have a father as miserable as yours., who had his wife starving in 'survivors' while I was with another and getting paid. Now he has you working, trying to justify the life he leads and putting you through a tremendous embarrassment."

"If he were a real father he would get to work and it would prevent the people he loves from continually going through so many hardships. I protect the people I love, I don't see them crushed in one place", stressed Jorge Javier, who took the opportunity to show off his professional situation: "Don't be embarrassed. I am the star presenter of the chain, I have a play in Madrid from Wednesday to Sunday and it is going great. At your age I had made a career, but what I know about you are the filters you use in InstagramNot much else either."

"Your mouth fills up when you talk about the importance of family. Well, look, girl. You who are continually telling your mother to call your brother, I what I would never let your brother go with your father's wife, would be with me", Jorge Javier has dropped. It should be remembered that, according to the gossip press, Rocío's brother would have stayed with Olga after his separation from Antonio David.

Jorge Javier has finished his speech looking at the camera and sending a message to Antonio David: "Then the father says that I only mess with women. No, no. Sorrows, I call you sorrows and miserable. Both". "I don't know if you are more sad or miserable. Apart from vague", the driver of 'Save me' has concluded.


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