Jordi Sánchez narrates his experience with the coronavirus: “I got to do the papers to bury my son”

An image of Jordi Sánchez.

An image of Jordi Sánchez.

Jordi Sanchez, the mythical Antonio Recio de ‘The one that looms‘, has revealed how his experience with the coronavirus, which led him to spend 24 days in a coma induced by the pneumonia he suffered from the disease. It was on Catalunya Radio, where he gave details of how he was infected.

“They put the stick up our nose and looked at us with a magnifying glass, but there is a time when you have to work without a mask. When they take it from you, you don’t know if the person in front of you is infected or not. “ For this reason, not only did he become infected, but “five or six other people also became infected.”

The actor says that the first days “are like the flu. I didn’t have a high fever either, but I wasn’t feeling well at all.” That initial situation became so complicated that doctors were forced to admit him to the ICU, where he spent 24 days in an induced coma.

In those days, while the actor was sleeping, he assures that he had “horrible dreams”, even going so far as to think that his son had died. “I thought my son was dead. He was sad and shitty. Until the third day I did not dare to ask if what I had dreamed was true. Then they told me no and I started crying. I lived in a parallel world for 24 days. ”

This is due to the amount of medication that was supplied: “I was so drugged that I thought it was all true. Hallucinations are stronger than dreams, I even got to play the role of burying my son.” Finally, Sánchez came out of the coma and was told that none of this was true, at which point he began his long recovery. “When they woke me up I could not walk or do anything, not even write. Two days later I was writing and four days later I was walking,” concludes the actor.


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