Jordi Ribera: "It would be illogical to say that I did not expect more" | sports

Jordi Ribera: "It would be illogical to say that I did not expect more" | sports

Just landed in Spain after the World Cup and waiting to disconnect after a few months, the coach, Jordi Ribera (Sarria de Ter, Girona, 1963), takes stock of a complicated tournament that began looking at the medals, after the European title of one year, and ended up grabbing the seventh place, the last one that gave access to the Olympic Qualification.

Question. What feeling has the World Cup left you?

Answer. There is a mixture of sensations. On the one hand, we wanted more, we could have been higher. But, on the other hand, we have competed all the matches until the end. We have that bittersweet taste behind win last year the European and this having to fight for the seventh place, which was the Last chance to enter the Olympic Qualifiers.

P. I expected more.

R. It would be illogical to say no. I expected to go further. The team has had a good performance, but there are nuances that end up deciding. In the European fell on our side and now, on the contrary.

P.Do you mean nuances of the game?

R. I am not a person who criticizes the arbitration issue or anything. Obviously, we had a very demanding group stage and crosses. At first, although the team was struggling, he ended up getting his best version and was able to do partial that sentenced the parties. And later the day of Croatia arrived, with a pavilion full of his fans, and that's a handicap. That meeting was very strange, of those that do not go, with much aggressiveness, and we could not play as we like. We did not exceed 19 goals. The first minutes conditioned us, they escaped and knew how to speculate with the result. It was a turning point because we qualified with only two points for the second phase, where we they expected France Y Germany, and we could not have any slip.

P. Have you given many laps to the three days where you lost against Croatia and France, and suffered the injury of Rodrigo Corrales?

R. The balance must be general. The Croatian game was complicated by the environment, they play practically at home, and then they only suffer an exclusion. It is hard for us to get into those encounters with a lot of contact. It happened to us in the European Championship against Slovenia. Maybe we did not adjust the defense a bit. We have almost won the Fair Play because we have been the teams with fewer exclusions, and that can be a sign that our defense could have been more aggressive and shock. But hey, we were also the least punished in the European and we finished first.

"Our defense had to have been more forceful and aggressive"

P. Talk about defense, what aspects of the game have been improved?

R. Many times, winning or losing depends on nuances and moments. Things that went well in their day could have continued to go well now. But a goal or a rebound falls on the other side … The defense must have been more forceful and aggressive.

P. To last bull, would you do something different?

R. Probably. At some point the defensive system could have changed, some player, but now it is easy to say.

P. Ferran Solé He was named the best right winger in the World Cup, as in the European past. He was the best news of the tournament?

R. No, the best news is that the team always maintained the competitive level, worked to the maximum and never lost the unit, which allowed us to arrive whole and get the last place in the Pre-Olympic. Obviously, there are individuals that make us smile. We must congratulate Ferran for the World Cup, it is a pride for all.

P. It was a bet he made a year ago. Have you ever been surprised by its high and sustained level?

"It's costing us a lot to find relief for the veteran people"

R. During the season we analyze all the players, their performance in the clubs. At the time David Balaguer entered, who never had. Also Ferran, because he was an ascending player, and confirmed in the selection. It always goes forward and has a large percentage of effectiveness.

P. Is your intention to keep this block within a year, for the European, if the injuries allow it?

R. From the beginning, our idea is to get young people into some competitions to give them experience, while still being a competitive group. We have been rotating in the Mediterranean Games and in qualifying matches, and in the big tournaments we try to make the best block.

P. Is your idea to continue with the old guard, at least until the Games?

R. For me its performance has been good. If in some case it declines and another increases its level, we will value it. Each time an important championship arrives, we try to make it the best block with that union of experience and youth.

P. Does it lack new sap that pushes veterans?

R. We are finding it hard to find these reliefs. For situations of immediate present it is difficult, but you have to work for it. We are doing it in two parallel lines, with the absolute selection and with the base.

P. Is qualifying for the Games an obligation?

"Now the goal is to qualify for the Games, even more than to get any championship"

R. From the outset, it is an aspiration. Although every year my contract is revised according to the objectives achieved, I'm signed up for an Olympic cycle, and that says it all. For us, now it's the goal, even more than getting any championship.

P. After miss Rio 2016Can not Spain afford another absence?

R. Well, I'm a technician and I have to be in the Games. The consequences of why we have not been before or of not succeeding afterwards is not my issue. My responsibility is for the team to qualify.

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