April 16, 2021

Jordi Rebelln replaces Antonio Resines in El funeral, at Cuys – La Provincia

Jordi Rebelln replaces Antonio Resines in El funeral, at Cuys - La Provincia

The actor Jordi Rebellón, very popular for its role of Dr. Vilchez in the television series Central Hospital, will replace Antonio Resines in the functions of The funeral foreseen in the Cuyás Theater the next 15, 16 and 17 March. The funeral, which is played by Concha Velasco, next to CAlvarado, Irene Gamell Y Emmanuel Medina, is written and directed by Manuel M. Velasco, son of the famous actress, and produced by Pentación Espectáculos, one of the leading companies in the sector.

In the work, Velasco is Lucrecia Conti, the most important actress of cinema, theater and television in Spain, whose death has just occurred. The spectators of The funeral they attend his great wake, organized in a theater by the Ministry of Culture so that the public can say goodbye to his admired star, and there his granddaughters walk, who try to put order between so much show of affection, and Miguel, a distant cousin whose real kinship is an enigma.

Suddenly, the plot of an unexpected turn when the attendees are locked in the theater and the ghost of Lucrecia, who has pending issues even with his representative, Alberto Lujan, appears to say goodbye in a big way while the press is crowded on the outside .

There is no precedent for something like that, and Lucrecia intends to make the most of this moment when she is finally given the attention she deserves to solve her problems, living or dead. And all, while offering its audience a wonderful Show because, even after life, the show must always continue.

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With the sponsorship of Municipal Buses, The funeral is about to hang the poster of everything sold for the three functions scheduled at the Cuyás Theater on March 15 and 16, at 8:30 pm, and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

From 16 euros (more discounts), the last tickets are for sale through the usual channels available to the Foundation of the Performing Arts and Music of Gran Canaria, which manages the Cabildo's premises: the box office, located in Viera and Clavijo street in the capital, and the website www.teatrocuyas.com.

The foreseeable full of Concha Velasco will join other recent ones in the Cuyás Theater, which faces one of its best seasons of recent years, with hits such as the concerts of the Gran Canaria Big Band and Paquito D'Rivera, Five hours with Mario, Red or By the hair, that consecutively have filled their stalls.


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