Jordi Pujol Ferrusola cited by a possible commission of the Grand Tibidabo

The judge of the National Court that investigates the origin of the fortune of the Pujol has summoned on Friday, February 7, Jordi Pujol Ferrusola to testify on an alleged commission he would have charged in 1991 from the Grand Tibidabo.

Judge José de la Mata has summoned Pujol Ferrusola to report a police report on the finding of money in Andorra accounts that the eldest son of the former president of the Generalitat would have charged five days before the operation of the Grand Tibidabo for which the industrialist Javier de la Rosa was sentenced to three years in prison.

The magistrate has long investigated an income of 8,532,409 pesetas registered on August 1, 1991, which the judge links with the sale of the headquarters of the National Leasing Consortium (CNL), origin of the Grand Tibidabo company, to the Government of Catalonia a few days before, on July 25.

Investigators detected a check linked to that sale and issued on July 29 worth 9,365,000 pesetas, which was cashed by Catalana de Mitjans i Edicio SA, linked to Joan Anton Sànchez Carreté, tax advisor of the Pujol.

The judge has already made a statement to Sànchez Carreté and the former secretary of the Presidency of the Generalitat Lluís Prenafeta when he understood that the difference between the amount on the check (9,365,000 pesetas) and the one that finally reached the account of Pujol Ferrusola ( 8,532,409) "could have corresponded with payment of intermediation commissions to Catalana de Mitjans i Edicio".

Thus connected this alleged commission with the sale to the Generalitat of the company originating the Grand Tibidabo for 252 million pesetas.

Both Sànchez Carreté and Prenafeta declared at the time to ignore the payment of that commission.

Now, Grand Tibidabo exercises the popular accusation in this case and the judge has rejected his expulsion, as intended by the defense of Jordi Pujol Ferrusola, and has agreed to practice new evidence, including the declaration of the firstborn of the family.


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