Jordi Évole meets his double in 'El Hormiguero' and tells how they met

'The thing about Évole' returns this Sunday after several days of promotions that have given much to talk about on social networks. The first of the videos was carried out by a supposed Jordi Evole which, in reality, was the double of the laSexta journalist. This Thursday the presenter went to 'The anthill' and he did it accompanied by Paco, the name of the person who has given him so much play these days.

After reuniting with his double on the Antena 3 program, the guest revealed to Pablo Motos and the viewers how they met. "There are people who know each other through Tinder and we met through TikTok". "My friend Fran sent me a video on WhatsApp one day of a man who came to his company and said: I'm here with Jordi Évole! '. I saw him and thought he looked a lot like me," he began explaining.

From that moment on, Évole tried to get in touch with him: "I made an appeal on Twitter to see if someone could give me clues." His team also got down to work to investigate where in Spain he lived: "They told me he was from Viladecans, which is five minutes from my house".

"From then on I began to suspect my father," Évole joked during the start of the program, taking the opportunity to give Pablo Motos an idea. "I think that, if you were clever, today you would have to do a DNA test instead of an antigen test"assured between the laughter of the public.

New season of 'Lo de Évole'

laSexta premieres this Sunday at 9:25 p.m. the third season of 'Lo de Évole'. The presenter moves to L'Hospitalet de Llobregat to interview Morad. It is the story of a 22-year-old who started posting his urban music songs just three years ago.

Without the support of any record company, nor of large media or advertising campaigns, he has managed to place himself at the top of the lists of most listened to Spanish artists on the main digital platforms, where he accumulates millions of reproductions. Morad speaks openly about his life, his family, coming from Morocco, and music. He also offers his vision of immigration, racism, marginality and his run-ins with justice.

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