Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

Jordi Cruz’s girlfriend eclipses Lu

It seems that in Masterchef
it has become fashionable to kiss Jordi Cruz in the end. In the last of Celebrity masterchef
It was Tamara Falcó the one who planted a kiss on the lips to the Catalan chef when he won the victory, after weeks of fooling around. Friday, in the final of Masterchef junior
there was also a kiss on the lips, although in this case who gave it to him was his girlfriend, Rebecca Lima, which appeared by surprise in the contest.

It was Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, the accomplice of this meeting. In the outdoor test the guests were the families of the three chefs of the jury. By Jordi Cruz They went to try the dishes of the finalist children, the mother and the sisters of the Manresano. “On a day like today I realized that someone very special was missing in your life, and I invited her,” Samantha told Jordi in the kitchens and that was when the bride appeared. “This is not a surprise, it’s a surprise”, Confessed Jordi Cruz before merging into a romantic kiss with his partner.

Lu, the winner, cooked carabineros cream, low-temperature cod and a vanilla cream

The Brazilian and Catalan have been together for only a few months, and Rebecca has taken advantage of her presence in the program to meet Jordi Cruz’s family, at the table to try the dishes.

While in the magazines of the heart the first photos of the couple were published, which they formalized themselves in a snapshot on Instagram, on television the spectators were confused to the approach between the Catalan chef and Tamara Falcó, and with that final climax of the kiss in the mouth. But the reality is that the program, although it aired in the fall, was recorded before the summer.

Coincidentally on Friday, before Rebecca’s surprise appearance, the small contestants were visited by Tamara Falcó. Between her and Jordi Cruz some coldness was perceived, because the program was recorded when Rebecca had already appeared in the life of Catalan.

Rebecca is an architect and also a model. One of his best-known works has been for the lingerie and swimwear brand IntiSwim. With this officialization of the relationship, before the cameras, the chef seems to have turned the page definitively after his break with Cristina Jiménez, a co-worker as well, since she is in charge of reception at the hotel-restaurant Abac, of which he is the chef .

But the real protagonist of the night had to be Lu, an 11-year-old from Barcelona who became the winner of the seventh edition of Junior MasterChef . The little girl went directly to the final duel, which was fought with Maria, 12 years old and from Valencia. The other two finalists, Albert, one of the discoveries of this edition, and Leo were left out.

The menu that Lu cooked and that received all the praise from the jury, including that of guest Martin Berasategu was the following: carabineros cream, low-temperature cod with black garlic aioli and a vanilla cream with licorice cake and vanilla ice cream . “I still don’t believe it. The effort was worth it. Now it’s time to celebrate it. ” said the winner, who has received a scholarship of 12,000 euros to continue her training and a four-day cooking course at the prestigious Basque Culinary Center.

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