Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Jordan Belfort, the man who inspired Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” demands the film’s producer

It could be an appendix to the mythical Martin Scorsese tape. Jordan Belfort, the broker that inspired “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013), a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, has sued the producer of the tape, Red Granite Productions, worth 300 million dollars. A lawsuit that arises from an ironic situation, since one of the co-founders of the production company is accused of laundering money through the company.

According to the version of the former stockbroker that has echoed media such as “The Wrap”, the sale of the rights to the story to Red Granite Productions was based on the words of Riza Aziz, co-founder of the producer that the presented as “a legitimate and legally funded film production company.” However, the company was not “legitimately and legally funded when they acquired Belfort’s rights”, and the broker claimed to have been “blind” upon learning of the source of the company’s funds.

And is that Aziz is accused of laundering up to 248 million dollars through Red Granite Production, information that Belfort met later. “If I had known, of course I would not have sold the rights,” continues the lawsuit, in which Belfort also accuses the producer of hiding these “criminal and illegal acts.” Belfort also states that Red Granite has “stained” its rights in the future, something that has prevented it from maximizing the future benefits of its history due to the scandal.

Belfort accuses the producer of fraud, negligent representation, violation of the RICO Law of Civil Blackmail, Influence and Corrupted Organizations, breach of contract and breach of the agreement in good faith and fair treatment. As compensation, the former stockbroker asks for up to 300 million in damages, a collection figure at the box office of The Wolf of Wall Street, as well as the revocation of your deal with Red Granite. Meanwhile, the producer’s lawyer, Matthew L. Schwartz, told The Wrap that “Jordan Belfort’s lawsuit is nothing more than a desperate and incredibly ironic attempt to get out of a deal that, for the first time in his life , it has made him rich and famous in the framework of the law and in a legitimate way ”.


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