July 24, 2021

Jonny, the defender for everything | sports

Jonny, the defender for everything | sports

After the first time he went to train with the first team, many of his teammates looked at him in amazement. They did not believe that this young boy was so difficult to overcome. Someone more curious came to ask the technicians of the quarry and explained that he was a defender who evolved the same right side that the left-handed, without the performance is resented. And sometimes, despite narrowly surpassing the meter and seventy in height, he was ranked central for its ability to mark and anticipate the rival. "Did you see what the heck is?" One of the veteran observers whispered to another tenant from the Celta's stall. Jonathan Castro Otto (24 years old, Vigo) amazed from the first day. By the power of his inferior train, by conditions, performance, regularity and naturalness to behave like an expert when he was barely a child. "We have to prepare him because he is the natural substitute of Hugo Mallo", explained Paco Herrera when he called for the first time a call for the first team. He had just come of age. That summer of 2012 he was proclaimed U19 European champion with a team that were also Kepa, Suso or Paco Alcácer, but in which the spotlights pointed to Jesé, Deulofeu and Oliver Torres. In front was Julen Lopetegui.

The omens of Herrera were fulfilled earlier than expected. Hugo Mallo was injured in a game against Real Madrid after a fortuitous encounter with Cristiano Ronaldo. His left knee broke. The relay came natural. Before turning 19 Jonny was caught on the right side of Celta although the club was not sure how to write his name on the shirts. He printed on the dorsal Joni, Jony or Jonny until the player decided to settle the matter and honor the surname of German origin of his mother. With 21, J. Otto had already played a hundred matches of blue. With 24 and more than 200 baggage encounters, he said goodbye to the entity he reached as a child. He finished contract next June and Celta already knew that it would be difficult to renew that link, so he attended an offer from Atlético de Madrid, which immediately gave him a year to Wolverhampton after paying seven million euros that can reach eleven if a series of variables are met. By then he had settled on the left side because Hugo Mallo came back and it was almost impossible to make an eleven without Jonny. There was someone who tried and attends to the name of Luis Enrique Martínez.

"I am open to the players to surprise me," the current coach repeats as a mantra. When he arrived in Vigo he launched a bet, that of recycling a fine left-handed interior, Toni Rodríguez, as a side. And he sustained it. Jonny remained on the bench in twelve of the first 16 days at the orders of the Asturian coach. Then it became indisputable. Also Toto Berizzo, Luis Enrique's successor in Vigo, suspected the beginning of a right-handed in the left. The final result was the same: ownership and performance always above the notable.

In the Premier did not need adaptation or raised doubts even though it came between some suspicion to Wolverhampton because not all supporters of the club understood that it was dispensed with Barry Douglas, one of the heroes of the promotion of the previous campaign with fifteen goal passes from the left side, by a loaned soccer player. But Jonny was his own and there are no longer unbelievers. His new fans cheered him last weekend when a goal of his closed the match against Southampton because he is not only a defender but has audacity to project and reach the area. "I know he is playing on the left, but he is right-handed", explains Luis Enrique, who has opened the door for La Roja in a call in which Carvajal and Sergi Roberto are absent due to injury.

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