Jonathan 'Maravilla' Alonso: "I train in Gran Canaria because there are boxers with a lot of level" - La Provincia

Jonathan 'Maravilla' Alonso: "I train in Gran Canaria because there are boxers with a lot of level" - La Provincia

On October 2 he beat Natxo Mendoza for the title of Spanish Superligero weight champion. After two months, what do you remember about the fight?

Well I still remember a crochet left in the second round (laughs). Mendoza is a great fighter, with a lot of punching, then you had to keep in mind that it was my first fight at 10 rounds and especially the first evening that was held in a theater.

Did you fear for victory during combat?

During the first four rounds I found it difficult because of Natxo's pressure and the strength of his punches, but as the fight went on he went from more to less and I the other way around. From the sixth round I already saw myself with enough confidence to win.

There was a small accident with a blow in its 'noble parts', what happened?

Yes, it hit me down and although we have a coquilla, if they catch you well, it hurts enough, but well, I was able to recover well, take a breath and continue the fight.

But it was fortuitous, I imagine ... did he apologize to you?

Yes, yes, it was not intentional.

Both physically and psychologically, how did you prepare for combat?

The truth is that I prepare all fights the same, I do not see beyond the fight that I have in hand. In terms of mood I was very motivated because I had to face the strongest rival, who had to take the champion belt. Being in front of my people in Madrid and above was broadcast on television, I had to show off.

Now he is training on the Island with Carlos Formento, why do you choose Gran Canaria?

The weather is perfect and Formento It has very high level people. Also, my little brother Nano Santana He is helping me and I try to help him because I think it's the future of the Canary Islands.

Have you had an idol to follow as a child?

I try to stay with the best of each person, but hey, always one has a boss. Mine has been Sugar Ray Leonard, although now I also look at Vasyl Lomachenko, which is the most perfect thing about a ring.

And what is Jonathan Alonso out of the ring?

In general I am a person that I like to travel and above all to help other people. I think that transmitting happiness to others is the best gift you can give.

He has been seen supporting numerous causes of solidarity, do you feel that you have a responsibility with your fans?

For me, going to a hospital and dedicating a few hours to them means more thanking them than giving them to me. I leave renewed and I value much more what I have and they do not. In fact now in January I have something prepared for the children of the Island that I will say.

Floyd Mayweather is the boxer with the most fans in the world, what do you think of him?

He is the king of marketing. It makes everything perfect. Hating him or loving him will benefit him. I have been lucky to meet you in person and it is not the same one that is sold on social networks.

For the money they fought for, I would fight five in the ring if necessary.

In recent years the MMA seems to be eating the ground reserved for boxing in terms of contact sports ...

Yes, now in the United States is having a lot of pull, although it charges less money than in boxing. I see its impact as a positive factor because it helps contact sports sell much better.


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