Jonathan Felipe (CC) calls on Education to "comply with the agreement that guarantees rural and unitary schools"

The deputy of the Canary Islands Coalition for La Palma Jonathan Felipe has registered a question to the Minister of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports about compliance with the resolution approving the framework agreement that guarantees the continuity of the unitary and rural schools of Canary Islands.

"There are cases in the Islands of children who have been left out of enrollment and who are not given a place because the Educational Inspectorate does not authorize increasing the unit or implementing the second cycle or, if you want, having one more teacher who allows comply with the distancing conditions that are imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus ”, he assures.

From the Canarian Nationalist Group “we demand that the new counselor clarify this situation that she knows well, since the framework agreement was signed when she was performing the functions of vice-minister of Education in the 2011-2015 legislature, and the only thing that we demand is her compliance".

"It is incomprehensible that in these moments in which we must guarantee the distance between our children we do not continue betting on not overcrowding the reference centers, promoting all the necessary measures so that classes can be taught in the units and centers closest to their houses, also avoiding unnecessary displacements ”, he stresses.

"Rural and unitary schools also allow maintaining the rural environment and avoid moving to cities, guaranteeing the economy, population and demographic balance with respect to more urban areas," he concludes.


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